Keith Sweaty’s remix of Different Sleeps’ “Artillery” needs to be on everyones summer mix. (Khene Exclusive Premier)

Have you ever looked at a collage and wondered how someone was able to take such foreign objects and blend them onto one canvass to form such an amazing and original new perspective? In my listening experience, Keith Sweaty’s re-mixes are the audible equivalent to that. He never seems to fail at collecting all the best aspects of someones original piece and scattering them throughout a track so that you are constantly reminded why the original is great to begin with, but also to subtly remind the listener that he has given the track a completely new life form. This track is no exception and might be one of the better examples of that. He made sure to keep all the melancholy tones and longing vocal structures, which stay true to the original track, but very quickly we are greeted with a tropically fueled arrangement. An arrangement that comes in layers and builds upon itself until it drops you right back into the original keys that made this song so great in the first place, but also reminding you that what you just listened too was a completely different experience. Click here to listen to Different Sleeps’ original track “Artillery” and listen to Keith’s audible collage below.