Listen to Animal Collective’s extraterrestrial re-make of one of Motown’s greatest treasures, “Jimmy Mack”

Someone call the lollipop factory cause they’re missing a sucker… It’s pretty much impossible for me to overlook a good Motown cover. Especially when that remake is flipped on it’s head and fucked in it’s ass. What we have here is pretty much the most Animal Collective type situation possible. A typical Soul-pop hit stripped of all it’s original style all the while keeping it’s structural integrity. The original roots of the song can be heard through the entire course of this version whilst simultaneously resembling a scratched CD found in the middle of a corn field that some extraterrestrial creature threw out of their spaceship window, while passing by our planet, on their way to attend Spring break on planet Zorb. “Alien road-trip” is the best term that comes to mind when attempting to describe this cover. Press play below and see for yourself. Also the original track, preformed by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, is down there too for comparison.