(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano

Sampha has helped artists from Sbtrkt to Solange create some of the best music around and always seems to be making music as forward thinking as possible. It makes you wonder why he hasn’t made a solo record sooner. He’s already shared two excellent singles from his upcoming debut coming out later this month. But it’s the songwriter’s newest single that seems to give insight into why he has taken his time.

Sampha’s two previous singles proved he’s still making music that’s very much of the sound right now and as good as nearly anyone. The tracks production, voice, and clever arrangements were more than enough to be excited for his debut, but it’s the newest single from the upcoming debut “Process” that may shed light on to why he’s been so patient with releasing solo music. It’s a minimal piano balled as the name suggests. From another artist, a single like this may not be so exciting, but coming from a songwriter whose sound has become synonymous with drum machines and synthesizers, releasing such a stripped back song may hint that the delay may have been a search to find the true songwriter within himself. Whatever the reason for the delay, Sampha has now released three reasons to forgive him for the wait.