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Teagre’s “Polaroid” is the disco beat you never knew you needed

I think it’s time for me to buy a boat… Or maybe a plane ticket to India. I could sell all my shit, live in a cabin, make beats and fish for my food, only to reemerge five years later with the definitive album that will end confusion and misunderstanding across the globe. The point is, shit starts getting boring no matter how dope your life is. When you get stuck on a treadmill, even if that treadmill consists of psychedelics, night life work environments, and a dog that’s cooler than pretty much everyone you’ve ever met before, shit starts to feel a little monotonous. You start to question everything and start to feel like nothing new will ever happen to you again. The feeling eventually passes when something pulls you out of your own bullshit, reminding you that different things happen to you everyday all the time. You notice that you’ve just been focusing on the few things that you do happen to partake in on the regular. For me it’s usually something small, a phone call from a homie I haven’t talked to in forever, an email from someone telling me they liked some shitty song that I made, or, in today’s case, hearing a dope ass song from a group I’ve never heard of that wouldn’t allow me to go down the rabbit hole of self deprecation and doubt. One minute I’m questioning how relevant my T-shirt choices are and the next I’m bobbing my head, remembering how fuckin’ rad everything is. “Polaroid” is reminiscent of early Daft Punk with it’s lighter keyboard solos and Jazzy bass lines but it moves to it’s own area of the dance floor. An area where you don’t have to be a couple of dickhead robots who are spending their entire existence trying to become human (my favorite band concept of all time by the way, Daft Punk is God, don’t get it twisted). The point is, this song is already human and if you can’t get your head bobbing to this shit you might want to update your motherboard and check for a short circuit (I have no idea how robots work) cause this shit is the jam, the jelly, and the marmalade.

-Dominic Fawcett-




Khene Zine is a music publication that brings together all forms of composition from electronic to folk. Much like the khene instrument itself this publication is meant to represent all forms of technology that exist and has existed for centuries within music.

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Dominic Fawcett

Dominic Fawcett

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