The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #44 — Khilone

It’s time for The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #44.

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Smart Contracts Update

The Stratis Smart Contracts in C# team gave us an update about what happened last week:

Update from Jeremy Bokobza

Jeremy Bokobza released another video update last week. He tells us we can get used to these videos and he will release one every Friday. Want to see what the Stratis Developer has been up to last week? Check out the video:

Head Developers

Three of the developers who have been with Stratis since the start were together in full again. Pieterjan (left) is working from Belgium so it was good to see him in London with Dan (middle) and Jeremy (right) in the new office.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

In the article ‘Azure Marketplace new offers — Volume 23’ Microsoft announced that 33 new offers went live. One of those offers is from the Stratis Platform, the Stratis C# Full Node.


Thanks to community member ‘Rango’ and his wife I can show you this amazing Infographic of Stratis.

Stratis listed on Folex

Last week Folex announced that Strats will be listed on their exchange and will be live on 16 November. I personally don’t know this exchange. If you are considering to use the exchange, be sure to do your own research.


GLUON announced their ICO a few months ago, which will be the first ICO to launch from the Stratis ICO platform. This week, GLUON released new information about their project:

That’s it for now. All the best to everyone!


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