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Strategy and tricks with Monopoly Deal card

It has come to a point in my life where I have a big interest into Monopoly Deal card, when my colleague at Hafta introduced it to all development team in Vietnam. Amanda and Saify (founder of Hafta) suggested us to play it at least once a day, just to release stress and have fun together. Long meeting sucks, and playing this game really helps.

Us relaxing by Monopoly Deal card game during work

It’s been a week since I started to get my head around the game. Although not being a well-versed player yet, but I’ve collected some cool strategies to get advantages when we’re on the table.

Three Punch Bank Buster

Strategy Examples:charging a player $15M (i.e. three Debt Collector cards) in one swing may be much more effective than $5M for three consecutive rounds. When it comes to playing in group settings playing three It’s My Birthday cards in a row can give your Bank a financial boom but also chip away all opponents’ Banks quickly making them more vulnerable next round.

Never Keep a Dual Color Wildcard on Top

Strategy Examples:If you have two Railroad cards on the table stacked together and one is a Railroad/Dark Green Wild Card always place that card under the other Railroad card so your opponents can’t see the Dark Green Wild and won’t know if it’s worth taking. (Remember opponents can’t touch your cards so they can only ask for what they see)

Property Wild Card shouldn’t be place over the normal one

Don’t display all money cards on the table. Put them into a single stack

And most importantly, put the smallest denomination card on top of your pile e.g. $1M — Beginner players, if not being introduced thoughtfully from experienced ones, often carelessly place their money cards revealing the value on the table. Even already putting them into one stack, don’t forget to also hid it while paying Rent. I usually show all of my money cards when selecting the suitable one to pay, forgetting that opponents can see then remember them.

Placing like this allows opponents to know you have 10M

“Just say no” counter attack

Know what? You can override your opponent’s Just say no.
For example, you play Deal Breaker to get a Full Set from one of your opponent. She then uses Just Say No to refuse your action. If you also have Just Say No, you can negate her play, thus can get the Full Set eventually. But if she has two Just Say No cards, then you know you’re screwed.

Avoid turning Rent card into money

Especially in the game of 4–5 people or more. Because more people in the game there are, more money you can get from 2-colors Rent card (assuming that all players have money and property cards on the table)

Avoid placing down early 2 cards set

Like Rainbow Wildcard, 2-set property card is as much as valuable. Showing them early on the table in the game motivates your opponent to steal it. It’s best to play it on the last turn.

Know how many cards there are for each category. MUST KNOW!

Trust me, you will gain lots of advantages remembering this while playing:

110 Cards Total

4x Rules cards

28x property cards (non wild)

11 x property wild cards as follows:

  • 1x light blue/brown
  • 1x light blue/railroad
  • 2x pink/orange
  • 2x red/yellow
  • 1x dark blue/green
  • 1x green/railroad
  • 1x railroad/utility
  • 2x any color wild card

34 action cards as follows:

  • 2x deal breaker
  • 3x sly deals
  • 4x Force Deal
  • 3x Debt Collector
  • 3x It’s My Birthday
  • 10x Pass Go,
  • 3x House,
  • 3x Hotel
  • 2x Double The Rent Cards

13 x Rent Cards as Follows:

  • 2x light blue/brown
  • 2x pink/orange
  • 2x dark blue/green
  • 2x railroad/utility
  • 3x wild rent cards

20x Money Cards as follows:

  • 6x 1M
  • 5x 2M
  • 3x 3M
  • 3x 4M
  • 2x 5M
  • 1x 10M




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