Khudi - A Flame Within

Khudi — خودی
1 min readApr 29, 2024


In the realm of selfhood, Khudi thrives,
A flame within, where the soul derives.
It’s the essence that fuels the human quest,
To journey within, to be at our best.

Khudi, the spark that ignites the fire,
A beacon of hope, a deep desire.
It whispers softly in the silent night,
Guiding our steps with its gentle light.

In the depths of doubt, it stands tall,
A steadfast belief, never to fall.
With Khudi as our guiding star,
We soar beyond, no matter how far.

Through trials and tribulations, it endures,
A resilient spirit that always ensures,
That in the face of adversity, we find,
Strength within, of the noblest kind.

Khudi, the essence of self-awareness,
A source of courage, a wellspring of fairness.
In its embrace, we discover our truth,
And in its light, we find eternal youth.

So let us cherish this precious gift,
And let its wisdom our spirits uplift.
For in Khudi’s embrace, we find our way,
Guided by its light, each and every day.