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Moving forward in the cosmos

As you may have followed, Ki has undergone one of its most important upgrade, opening the gates to the communication between the Ki Chain and other Cosmos SDK powered Blockchains.

The Cosmos Ecosystem has been thriving and we truly believe that we are building the future of the decentralized world through powerful application based chains.

Strategic announcement

Following this upgrade, we have now opened the first gates to Osmosis and Cosmos Hub in order to initiate the pools exclusively on the Cosmos Ecosystem.

As you may already know, we have launched 2 pools on Uniswap the 18th of May 2021, since that day, because XKI not being a native asset of the Ethereum Blockchain, the Ki Foundation has been the only Liquidity Provider for these 2 pools.

The time has now come to move forward to the world we’re coming from and commit 100% of our resources and energy towards the future we are building on the cosmos ecosystem.

Which means that we will immediately disable both Uniswap pools to transfer most of the liquidity to our native chain.

For those who have kept some ERC20 Tokens, do not worry, as the bridge will be maintained for the next 6 months in order to give you plenty of time to re-onboard to the native ecosystem of Ki.

Bring back your assets to the Ki Chain and discover the amazing world of Osmosis and Emeris