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Kiali releases 1.49 to 1.52: Features update

Hello community. More than two months have passed since my last post. During this time the Kiali project has released four more versions.

As usual, all live presentations are recorded and posted on Kiali channel:

Kiali v1.49 updates — about 23 mins long

Kiali v1.50 updates — about 24 mins long

Kiali v1.51 updates — about 9 mins long

Kiali v1.52 updates — about 24 mins long

And here we have listed the highlighted improvements in Kiali for recent releases:

Back-end + Front-end repositories unified

One important change is the unification of Kiali back-end and front-end repositories. The goal of this unification is to have an ideal Pull Request, containing back-end changes (in Golang), front-end changes (in Typescript) plus also e2e and UI tests.

Cypress integration

New tool for testing UI regression is added. Tests are executed using BDD framework Cucumber. Shift-left approach is used, Integration with Github actions (testing is performed earlier in the life cycle). This means that with each PR there should be a UI testing scenario.

Integration tests

There had been legacy end to end integration tests written in Python, which were not maintained by the community.

Now those integration tests are converted into Golang and, similar to UI tests, integration tests should be contained in each PR touching the Kiali back-end.

CI improvements

The former, private, Jenkins pipeline for running Kiali CI, has moved to Github actions to be more visible for community.

Back-end and front-end tests are run on each PR and Kiali release.

Release pipelines

Kiali, Kiali operator, site, and the Helm charts are now released using GitHub Actions. This is another huge step for community transparency with respect to Kiali releases, and it executes the same unit and integration testing used in CI.

Feature flag to disable logs tab

By a community member request, an option is added into the Kiali operator to hide the “Logs” tab in Workload details page. This is to avoid display of sensitive content in log messages. This feature is optional, and is activated only by configuration change.

Wrap up

These are the main features I wanted to highlight in this post. Feel free to share your thoughts about what type of information you want to see in future posts. And, as always, we appreciate any ideas and feedback about Kiali features.

Remember that Kiali is OpenSource and you can contribute to build a better project! It would be nice if you also contribute with written content in Kiali’s Medium publication!



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