Edgar Hernandez
May 20 · 3 min read

Sprint #22 has ended and the Kiali team is happy to announce the availability of Kiali v0.20.0.

This time, the list of new features is short. Also, new features are somewhat small. This is because time was spent mainly in improving usability and making Kiali much, much more stable than it already is ;)

Nevertheless, the full list of changes is available in GitHub (links available at the end of the post.)

If you like to watch, here the demo of Sprint #22 available in Kiali’s YouTube channel:

Unknown validation results

Kiali validations on Istio objects have had only two states: valid and invalid. This was not enough because some validators were showing errors when validation outcome is undetermined. Because of this, a third “unknown” state is implemented. The YAML editor will show a question mark icon next to the line that cannot be validated:

Similarly to the warning and error sates, the “unknown” state will provide a message about why the resource couldn’t be validated.

Wizard for 3scale API Management Rule

If you are using 3scale Istio adapter, Kiali now provides a wizard to link services to the 3scale API. This wizard is available in the Service Details page.

The wizard will let you create one or more 3scale handlers and choose the handler that you want to link with the service. The wizard will create the required handlers and rules resources for you.

Unary “traffic” operator in graph find/hide feature

If your graph has too many edges without any traffic, the find and hide feature of the graph has a new traffic operator that can help to clean up the graph.

Probably, the negated “!traffic” expression is what you may use most of the time to hide unwanted edges from the graph.

“Show on graph” in detail pages

In the details pages (applications, workloads, services) there is a new “Show in graph” link next to the name of the objects. This link will navigate to the graph page pre-selecting and showing the node with a quick animation:

This completes the “loop” between the graph and detail pages (you can go to the detail pages from the graph and vice-versa).

Namespace filtering by label selector

For some time, Kiali has included a feature to hide namespaces based on Regex of the namespace names. This is how Kiali hides infrastructure namespaces like kube*, openshift*, istio-operator and kiali-operator namespaces.

This feature has been extended to support showing only namespaces with a specific label.

This new option works with Label selectors. If you are deploying Kiali using the operator (recommended way), this option is documented in the sample kiali_cr.yaml file.

…stay in touch!

That’s the update of this sprint. Remember that sprint update posts present only new visible features and, sometimes, some non-visible ones that are worth to comment. However, there are lots of other changes done through the sprint. You can see in GitHub the list of all Kiali back-end and Kiali front-end changes for Sprint #22.

If you haven’t used Kiali, give it a try and tell us if you like it! Check out the Getting started guide available in our website.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


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