Kiali Sprint #24 — the first major version is out!

Edgar Hernandez
Jul 2, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s time to celebrate! This sprint Kiali v1.0 is released: the first major version of the project! 🎉

It has been a long journey. The project has reached:

  • 3,426 commits up to v1.0 (1,584 for back-end + 1,842 for the front-end)
  • 2,124 pull requests merged (970 back-end + 1,154 front-end)
  • 1,300+ stargazers
  • 512 days since first commit (reference is Feb 2, 2018 in the back-end)
  • 206 forks (155 back-end + 51 front-end)
  • 40+ contributors
  • 24 sprints
  • … etc 😃

Those numbers are encouraging. Thanks to the community for all the support! For those who already have helped to the project, we want to say “Thank you!” with a mention: Aidan Shribman, Amy Moon, Aswin M Prabhu, Arun Gupta, Bhavin Gandhi, Changyu Wang, Chen Zhengwei, chrisob, Christian Posta, Chunlin Yang, Emma Yang, Iftach Schonbaum, Jeeva Kandasamy, Jeff Sloyer, jeremyxu2010, Kamesh Sampath, Kim Christensen, Leo Palmer Sunmo, Lucas andreybleme, Martin Murphy, matej-g, Mike Lowe, Philip Gough, Renato Stoco, Simon Pasquier, stone4774, weltschraet… and everyone else who have helped to move the project forward.

You may be wondering why there is also a 1.1 version. The explanation is that v1.0 came out from v0.21 (previous sprint release) but includes fixes that were found on a big testing effort. It’s meant to be a stable version, so it didn’t get new features. However, Kiali is still evolving and new features are still being incorporated which were released on version 1.1.

So, let’s move on! The rest of the post shows the new changes in Kiali 1.1. The list is unusually short because of the stabilization effort.

As always, you can watch the demo of Sprint #24 uploaded to the Kiali’s YouTube channel:

Website improvements

This sprint we wanted to make sure that our website is up to date and that the content is clear enough and ready for the first major release of Kiali. The structure was simplified a bit for improved navigation.

Please, check it out at

Note that the website is also open source and we accept feedback and contributions to improve it. Find the sources at

Graph ServiceEntry node improvement

One use case of Istio’s ServiceEntry resource is to configure external traffic. The ServiceEntry resource lets you configure multiple hosts like this:

With this setup, Kiali was generating a graph like in the following image:

We realized that, although the graph is correct, Kiali was not offering any clue that the same ServiceEntry is involved. It was decided that it’s better to unify the nodes and bring details in the side panel. Thus, the generated graph will now look like in the following image:

Metric dashboards moved to k-charted

The code of the metrics dashboards was moved to a new k-charted repository. Both the Kiali back-end and front-end depend on this new repository. This page and the other similar pages is what I’m talking about:

From an end-user perspective, Kiali looks the same. For people who wanted to re-use the dashboards code, it’s now easily possible.

Icons when Health is not available

In the health status indicators, a “N/A” legend was being shown when health is not available. It was the only case when a textual legend was being shown while all other states are showing icons. For consistency, this legend was replaced to also show an icon:

Stay in touch!

That’s the update of this sprint. See in GitHub the list of all Kiali back-end and Kiali front-end changes for Sprint #24.

Do you like Kiali? We encourage you to contribute. Have you found an issue? Do you have a suggestion? Don’t hesitate to open an issue in the repository. Do you have questions? Either open an issue or contact us through the kiali-users list. Do you have a code contribution? Open a pull request! We welcome any kind of contributions!

If you haven’t used Kiali, give it a try! Check out the Getting started guide available in our website.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


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