Kiali Sprint #26 — API docs

Edgar Hernandez
Aug 13, 2019 · 4 min read

We have finished Sprint #26 and once again, a new Kiali release is available: version 1.3.

This Sprint I don’t have any special introduction nor announcement to do 😄. So, I directly move to the description of this Sprint’s content.

Watch the Sprint #26 demo video available in Kiali’s YouTube channel and embedded right after this paragraph. It is short (about 9 minutes long). For those who want to skip the video, read on to know the new enhancements!

API docs for services

A new and interesting feature was added to the Services details page. If a service is exposing its API documentation (for example, using Swagger or OpenAPI spec), Kiali will show a new API Doc tab in the details page of the service:

This feature is opt-in. You must create the Service with special annotations that specify the type of the API and the location of the spec. Read the relevant section of the file of the back-end repository.

The availability of the API docs is indicated with an icon in the Services list:

A big thanks to Jean-Christophe Counio from the community, for proposing and implementing this awesome feature.

Response flags in metric pages

In the metric pages, a Response flags option is now available in the metrics settings dropdown:

This option complements a similar feature of the graph’s side panel that was introduced in sprint #20.

Message Center improved with message details

Kiali has a Message Center pane that is shown when you click the bell icon in the header. We realized that some messages were too large and some others lacked of details, making it hard to either understand the message or to help in diagnosing issues. This was improved and the Message Center is now capable of showing a summarized message and also provides a pane with more details about the issue.

Although not all issues from the back-end are taking advantage of this feature of the Message Center, this should gradually improve over time.

New website design

If you haven’t visited our website recently, please check it!: It has a new design. I’m not providing a screenshot, because you must see it live 😃.

I hope you like it. All HTML was reworked. So, if you see any issue with the website, please report it.

Migration to PatternFly4 k-charted

Kiali has been migrating slowly to PatternFly 4. Most parts of Kiali are already migrated, but some parts that do not have a PatternFly 4 equivalent or that require larger work are still using PatternFly 3 components.

The charts were still pending. This sprint, the Metrics pages and the Overview page have been migrated to use the PatternFly 4 version of k-charted. The difficulty of the migration was that PatternFly 4 is now using Victory instead of C3 for charting. With the migration, the charts look slightly different:

There are some pages that still need the charts migration, like the side panel of the graph. This will be finished gradually.

Virtual scroll in lists

All lists (Applications, Workloads, Services and Istio Config) have been moved to Virtual Scrolling. Thus, the pagination bar is no longer needed and has been removed.

Graph legend is now vertical

This is a usability improvement. The graph legend has enough items that some screen resolutions can’t fit the legend in the screen and an horizontal scrollbar was appearing. So, the graph’s legend was changed to a vertical layout. A scrollbar may still appear, but it will be vertical, which is more natural.

Follow us!

That’s the update of this sprint. Remember that this post is presenting the most relevant features, and complementing the recorded demo. You can see the full list of changes in GitHub, in the Kiali back-end and Kiali front-end repositories.

If you haven’t used Kiali, give it a try! Check out the Getting started guide available in our website.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


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