Building a Platform to Test Everything

Changing the retail world with MakerSights

One of my first exercises with the MakerSights team was rebranding the company, to have a more magazine-like feel.


MakerSights lets brands and makers get rapid, predictive insights into future product demand from customers. Retailers can test new product ideas, measure demand across similar products, and communicate directly with real customers to see what they’re interested in buying.

I’ve worked with the MakerSights team to design and develop their Angular web application, and prototype new concepts with their COO for the future of their product offerings.


Design a new platform for brands, to empower them to test products and to better tap into their existing user base.


I lead design efforts for their web platforms and marketing websites, and help advise them on how to implement design processes.


  • creating a platform for a largely analog market, that being apparel and fashion brands/retailers
  • making the platform easy enough for a high-level audience, while being tactical enough for the individual contributors who make things happen
  • leveraging data to draw predictions on how products will perform, and communicating this in a way that’s meaningful and concise
  • developing a platform that has a broad set of functionality, without being tailored to the individual needs of one/few customers.

Full case study to come soon.

Left: The dashboard brands see, letting them track ongoing campaigns and add new products for testing from one location. Right: a customized interface for a specific campaign, summarizing how products are performing with customer in real-time, and categorizing them based on relative performance.
Examples showing the transition from mockup to implementation. Using Angular Material as framework, we also prototype directly in browser to test simple concepts with real data.
I also worked on redesigning the experience for their consumer-facing surveys, using subtle animations to make things feel richer.

One of my latest endeavours has been drafting up ideas for the future of the platform, envisioning a day where the platform can serve as a type of AI that actively predicts how products will perform, and how customers will respond to specific attributes or features.

Thanks to Matt, Mike, Nicole, and Amy for being awesome.