Machine Translation for Social Good— The Kianh Foundation in Vietnam

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Kiara supports non-profit kids school.

We are honored to support The Kianh Foundation in Vietnam.

They operate a free kids school as non-profit.

Since their founders are from the U.K. and they collaborate with local Vietnamese members to operate school,

they found Kiara translation useful.

We can see similar opportunities to leverage the communication in social good project all over the world.

  • NPOs are looking for donors — Kiara can help.
  • After donation, NPOs need to communicate with donors — Kiara can help
  • In case of international project, NPOs need to communicate internally in multiple languages. — Kiara can help***
  • NPOs need to study about other NPO activity with multiple languages — Kiara can help

Currently we support The Kianh Foundation for *** part only, but we will consider to add Kiara features to cover other use cases with machine translation.

We interviewed Chris J.Ephgrave of The Kianh Foundation in this YouTube.

Please watch and we transcribed with our Kiara AI prototype for transcription.


English transcription


Hello everyone. I’m Daisuke of Kara.

So we are providing transition chat Bots or the global market,

and then I’m honored to support this cannon foundation in Vietnam,

and then I’m inviting special guest from Vietnam Chris today with

thank you very much for your time.


Although thanks for having me.

I appreciate you supporting us.

Yeah, so are you in Hanoi or watching me?


No, I’m actually based on the Central Coast of Danang about 30 minutes away from the key and school council.

Okay, wonderful.

So I so first of all, please let me introduce yourself and then what we are doing like right now.

So yeah, my name is Chris Chris F grave.

I’m from England originally and now I’m working on behalf of the can Foundation under Jackie rafter and Nick Keegan Who is the


Under and director and my role is to assist with fundraising and to keep their donations flowing so that we can continue with our good work at the key and Foundation. Yeah somewhere. I’m going to pay your YouTube Let me just


Yeah, this one. Yes. This is a little Montage you can find us on YouTube with if you just type in the key and Foundation Kianh and as you’ll see here, this is just a little snippet going back to the year 2000 Jackie rafter from Liverpool was one of the founders of the can Foundation alongside Jackie Bullman, and they actually came back packing to Hoi An which is Central Vietnam in the year 2000 and came across these scenes.


You’re saying now from only an orphanage where a lot of the children were just in dark rooms left on a bed all day. They had buckets under the bed so that they could defecate and they were receiving little to no attentional care Jackie made the commitment to then stay and try and get the kids some form of treatment and therapies and eventually moved into the main key and Foundation from 2005.

[00:02:23] What you’re seeing now is the school in its current building which was completed in 2012 with help from rmit in Melbourne, Australia and since 2012. We’ve basically been full with eighty to a hundred full-time students. That’s for yet. He’s now grip graduated from our school and he’s actually working in a local Resort. And yeah.

[00:02:50] I’ll students are basically suffering from Key disabilities, like cerebral palsy autism spectrum ASD cerebral palsy and down syndrome. And then we have a lot of children with cognitive delay behavioral problems and microcephaly as well previously. They had no access to school whatsoever in their rural Countryside of Vietnam. They were basically stuck at home with their families which prevents some family members from

[00:03:19] Going out and working. So it causes a lot of economic hardship in the area. Quang Nam is a very poor rural farming area. And also there’s a lot of myths to be debunked about disability people just didn’t really understand how to help these children be the best to be their best selves. So now in full-time education and Healthcare as you can see, they’re flourishing.

[00:03:46] Yeah, what the whore so let me just explain Japanese. So you hongou their kids.

[00:04:16] My mother had discussed business Mogul. Sorry, but would encourage kick jockeys and on this rough. Justin fatica do socially this.

[00:04:25] Okay, wonderful. So, let me switch to the Instagram. So you have a wonderful Instagram account. Yeah, Vietnam.

[00:04:35] Yes, so switch interfaces, you know, you see all that all all the happy kids doing their thing. They’re thriving so much you’ll see I think not too far down if you scroll you’ll see some of the photos from their swimming session last year. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, this is wonderful. Yes. This is a another NGO in Vietnam called Swim Vietnam a lot of children in Vietnam because it’s a coastal region and there’s a lot of inland

[00:05:05] Water ways and water bodies of water. There’s actually a lot of drowning in Vietnam. So there’s a charity called Swim Vietnam and they very kindly once a year they get all the can kids down to a local pool and let them have some play time when it’s 40 degrees. It’s very welcome the children really love it for TDC. Yeah. Yeah, and then my second favorite is this vegetable one? So, yes, absolutely when one

[00:05:35] One of the key things for the children is to get them independent if they’re independent and their families can have more opportunities to work because most people can’t get full-time work. So if the children are if the children are home mums and dads in Granny’s are stuck at home. So we have a large emphasis on the older students to help them become independent with life skills. So the ability to go down to a local market and get the day’s vegetables and produce. It makes men.

[00:06:05] A functioning member of their family. So it’s very important for their mental health to be able to go out and chat with the with the people in their community and also be able to you know have the good feeling of assisting their family with the day’s chores. Yeah. Yeah, that’s wonderful Cody to so these are

[00:06:28] So these kids are studying language.

[00:06:32] Yes communication is a big thing so as much as possible if the children are cognitively able to then they’re taught the main Vietnamese curriculum the ones that don’t have the ability to you know, they’re not that high functioning then we have a large focus on communication things like autism children get closed off in their brains. If you can free them up to actually communicate with their mums and dads.

[00:07:01] Some brothers then a lot of the behavioral problems will fall by the wayside. So communication is a priority Focus. Yes, you mean 18 to take kids rain over I going there’s no question. Yeah. Well as other your favorite

[00:07:21] All they’re all so good. There’s so he sent me a bunch of kids. Well, this is beautiful. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. We did we did a lot of portrait photos last summer with a guest photographer. This area is all actually all actually now built up but there was some lovely flower growing Fields. So we took all the kids out and got some portrait photos. My hay fever is too bad. So I’m not in any way.

[00:07:49] Three it is grave. She’s like I’m Brown.

[00:07:52] Yes, I think so. I couldn’t actually honestly say what they are. I’m not very good with that kind of thing, but they’re very pretty I think so. So that’s what all will be which one so I like your uniform Design This is a like wine Cara with a nice embroidery. Yeah. Yes, if anyone’s in the t-shirt business, we’re always looking for help for the annual school uniform because they cost quite a

[00:08:22] Money, so if anyone would like to help with a donation for a school uniform will give all the information at the end of the video. Okay go on. So what’s this one? What’s he’s doing painting our time. The kids favorite thing. I think is Art and painting So out in the garden getting Misty and expressing ourselves. Very good. Okay, wonderful. Sodomy stops crying.

[00:08:54] Okay, so let’s talk about our technology Kara. So we are trying to we are providing machine translation chatbot as a threat bragging and then you found our solution in the internet. How come well, did you find? Well, it’s all very the the software slack is how we kind of came across the what we were looking for was away was a way to really maximize our engagement with our

[00:09:22] Donors the the internet now is swamped on social media. I actually have an informal phrase. I call social media shouty nation is essentially essentially all you can do is put up posts and hope that people actually see them with the way timelines are run. So we really wanted a way of saying if you’re donating regularly to the can Foundation, let’s give these regular donors a private area when we can give them all the information.

[00:09:52] Nation that they that they want they want to see how the children are growing everyday. They want to see that their money is going to the children and the and the school programs. So we came across slack which is a deal for that. You can all just type slack into into your Google and you’ll find out all about that and slack it has a multitude of applications that will actually work with it perfectly. The next problem that I needed. Was that obviously we’re in rural Vietnam or the tea.

[00:10:22] Pictures and all of the students are Vietnamese only speakers. Of course, why would they not be most of our don’t most of our donors our International overseas? So how can we get past this problem of a feeling the students feeling shy because they don’t feel they can communicate or write freely because they’re trying to do it in English. For example, how can we remove the the problems of copy and pasting which is what a lot of translation is these days?

[00:10:53] And then recommended on slack was the Kiara translation bot which was like all of my Christmases came in one go when I found that so so you can’t that you’re having that 80 or 200 students or how many staff are better than these people in your team actual teaching staff 35 so that we generally have hmm. Yeah, so it should be fought for 4 to 5.

[00:11:22] Teachers and teaching assistants per classroom. A lot of the students have one-on-one education and then particularly with physical physical therapy children with cerebral palsy. They’re getting one-on-one physical therapy for at least 9 to 10 hours per week. So I how do you communicate with the society 40 people in English or a mix of Vietnamese English or sign under and hand gesture?

[00:11:51] The the whole Center is Vietnamese. So the center manager is Vietnamese, the programs manager highly-skilled well-trained special needs educator and all it all the teachers are Vietnamese. There’s Jackie who is the founder Nick the chief director and myself are the foreigners or in English speakers, and we are mainly concerned with all of the donation in administration of the center because we’re actually a UK registered charity. So

[00:12:21] Within the school on a daily working basis. Everything is just perfectly fluid hundred percent Vietnamese. Hmm. So how’s Kara translation quality between English and Vietnamese? Well, this is where we’re at now, which is starting to get more communication flowing. I know you’re inside our slack workspace. We actually have a student report student reporter who is in the center. He’s one of our graduates, so he’s starting to gain confidence that

[00:12:50] He can just write freely in Vietnamese and and his his replies will come through in English. So and we’re at the early stages but so far. Yeah, they’re the way actually works. The instant inline translation is absolutely invaluable. It’s gold. Hmm. Okay. Thank you very much for saying so and then I think I was staying in Hanoi for two weeks and visiting some developer web development companies and their song as people I guess.

[00:13:20] Radio pronouncing the veterinarian languages makes people difficult to speak English. So I don’t know that there is some difficulty between Vietnamese people’s understanding English. Yes. I think the main thing is that there isn’t one Vietnamese language. We when we saying Vietnamese, like all 97 Vietnamese is speaking the same language and they don’t the the regional dialects. The difference in Regional dialects are absolutely extraordinary.

[00:13:50] Marry you if you live here for a while, you’ll find that a lot of Vietnamese. Don’t understand Vietnamese in a funny kind of way. So it’s it’s not a one-size-fits-all language. It’s a very fragmented fret of excuse me fragmented set of dialects and dialogues and different regions use different vocabularies. Yeah, and then I think men name is coming originally coming from Chinese Chinese names that

[00:14:21] Don’t or noun meaning East and then thousand in the inclement. Yeah, and then think to me the pronunciation I was playing Chinese so they have some mixed up. Yes. It’s very much a hybrid language. Yes. Hmm. Okay. Thank you. The I think Hanoi Hanoi is the pure Vietnamese mother tongue me that it’s very different to what you hear the Quang Nam and Danang people speak. Hmm.

[00:14:52] And then I left a bit and I’m he’s a hoot. What’s your favorite Vietnamese food?

[00:14:58] Old is a few I’m a bit of a fan of the band see how which is a shrimp and pork and shrimp and pork pancakes with bean sprouts. Very nice.

[00:15:08] Mmm, my favourite is a four and a buncha winter is from Hanoi and I knew that yes. Yes, I believe so. Yeah. Yeah it down in Hawaii and they have a similar soup called cow, which is crispy pork in a soup, which is very nice as well. Good morning and a bit on the means of you Bob.

[00:15:27] Oh, no, no dialogue. No, no. Okay the I’m actually a bit too internationally that if I have a beer I like the the craft beers the visit the craft beers in Vietnam a very good Nails their craft beer in Vietnam. He’s coming a bunny.

[00:15:47] Oh huge absolutely huge. Yeah, I think so Saigon and Danang and hand up and I know yeah, it is so many very very good craft beers. Hmm. So what you’re saying is Bob was a traditional pay myself, but for Mass distribution that convenience store

[00:16:06] Yes, it’s the lowest end of beer drinking. Yeah, I found it in like 20 cents. So that’s very good price in a convenience store. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah, it needs a lot of ice to make it go down though.

[00:16:22] Okay. Yeah. I hope you keep enjoying every bit like being Vietnam and then let’s move on to the your mission. So what you’re going to do and then you know, you have a taking 20 to 200 students. What’s your existential problem or what you’re going to achieve in next few years?

[00:16:42] Yes, the the number one thing for us as always is fist is simply keep doing what we’re doing status quo is so very important. We have a three hundred thousand dollar US dollar annual budget and we have no support from anyone other than individual donors and the occasional, you know, Grant foundations Vietnam is getting less grants now because it’s economic status has risen from from

[00:17:11] Very low to sort of middle income now. So it’s not getting as much overseas Grant Aid. So our primary mission is to make sure that every year we’re open for eighty to a hundred children. So we have to raise $300,000 every year without fail ideally by up by our own research. We’ve got 200 more students who are not in education and need a place it can working with the local working with the local government. We think there’s probably about another

[00:17:41] Thousand more in the local area that need place. So the need for what we’re doing is absolutely astonishing is huge. But if we can’t maintain our annual running costs then expanding is you know, it’s it’s off the agenda. We have enough space to expand but right now we need to make sure that 2021 budget is met

[00:18:07] I see so well, I’m married with my wife and then we are searching for the opportunity of adoption and the environment. When are we are in Hanoi we were visiting Pagoda and then they’re keeping like children for for the protection reason that I think so. Do you see do you think you’re not a matchmaking the couple’s like?

[00:18:36] International adoption

[00:18:39] No, no. No. This is all of our children are in happy settled families as the need for adoption has now moved away. If you went back to 2000 a lot of the parents would be trying to get their children adopted because they didn’t they have no facility to look after them. But know this this is this is purely a school. It’s a functioning full-time school for the children. Go back go back to their loving families everything. Alrighty.

[00:19:09] See, how do you approach to the donator? Nobody speaking like you go go go back to the UK or European countries to raise money and do in a face-to-face meeting and they’re doing it for yes. It’s a combination of a lot of different things social media now is a big one. Just trying to raise the brand awareness so that people understand what’s going on. We’re constantly searching for available.

[00:19:39] Grants, so International donors that have grants available for specifically Vietnam and specifically for developing children with disability. Those are the two main areas when available. Yeah, we do event-based fundraising as well. Yeah. Okay great.

[00:20:03] So last message, that’s about the donation. So I want to translate your message in Japanese. So hopefully someone your message message. Yeah, okay. Yes, please if you can assist in any way, there are a range of ways to do this. We really really really need more regular monthly donors. That means that we can plan ahead and make sure that all of the costs are covered for future educational activities.

[00:20:33] If you feel you can spare a little bit of money every month just so you know, it costs it costs a hundred and sixty-five Great British pounds per month to keep one child in full-time education appreciate that’s quite a lot of money, but maybe you could look at getting a group of people within a business some colleagues together or some family members together and then actually sponsor a child full time. If you sponsor regularly you come into our slack space.

[00:21:03] And enjoy all the Delights of Kiara and all of the private content that we that we share within our slack space and then we also have a range of other possibilities. If you represent a business or a large institutional Foundation, we have advertising available on our website all of that advertising revenue revenue goes straight back to the children and their education and we also have CSR Corporate social responsibility where we can actually affiliate with businesses hotels.

[00:21:33] All companies where we promote each other and your donation again goes to the children so that they can have their education every month. The best thing to do if you’re not in doubt is go to KI a NH dong org dot u k so all dot U k — and you’ll find all of the information on there for a website advertising regular.

[00:22:03] Worship child sponsorship and also business sponsorship and then you can also contact us there with the with the form in the email address. Okay. Wonderful. So, let me Rush wage a magical quest and our is it’s Misty today on Usenet it all kind of that. I can’t keep

[00:22:33] How many have you got somebody in mind sort of minimum mother’s name?

[00:23:03] He must know that but you sampled emotional to the most attractive enough to donate.

[00:23:39] Thank you. Thank you very much for your time Chris.

[00:23:44] Thank you, though. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, and we really appreciate what Kiara is done with this with the support because if people can talk to each other things change for the better and translation is such a huge issue across the planet now, so good job to care and thanks very much for your support. We appreciate it. Thank you, though. Yeah. Thank you very much. Okay. Thank you very much. Bye. Bye. Okay. Goodbye.



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