SmartNews started using Kiara

Original Language: English & Japanese |日本語はこちら

An exciting announcement with successful startup

We are very excited to announce that SmartNews stated using Kiara. SmartNews is a very popular news app in smartphone.

Since they have a diverse team in different locations, Kiara can leverage their productivity. They have offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, SanFrancisco, Palo Alto, and New York.

In other companies, many people are still copy & pasting translation tools. Kiara can definitely remove this repeating manual operation.

Since we have passion to improve developersʼ productivity, we are very happy to support SmartNews. They are famous for high skill team. We hope they can give us high level feedback about usability improvement.

SmartNews is supporting entrepreneurs to expand into global market. We presented Kiara at their “GO GLOBAL” meetup in Feb 2019.



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