2018 in numbers

As we start 2019 we have taken a step back to see what we were able to accomplish as a fund in 2018. We have a list of numbers we feel very proud of in what we believe has been a phenomenal year.

New investments

We added

new companies to the Kibo family that operate in the intersection of three sectors we have been focusing on, transportation/mobility, SaaS and AI. Welcome Gestoos, Paack, Nom Nom, Defined Crowd and Tier to the family.

Follow on investments

We supported

portfolio companies in follow on rounds raising a total of

New relationships

New investments and follow on rounds have enabled us to build

new relationships with funds and corporate VCs we had not yet co-invested with. These relationships consolidate our footprint in the global VC ecosystem.


We successfully exited from

companies, Jetlore (sold to Paypal), Captio (sold to Certify), Promofarma (sold to Zur Rose)and a fourth one still undisclosed. It was a great ride and we are very proud of what the teams have achieved so far. Thank you!!


We have looked at over

companies accessing dealflow from multiple sources. Special thanks to all of our entrepreneurs, business angels and funds that have helped us meet these great companies.


We have been busy with many investment rounds and seeing many entrepreneurs so we needed to get some more brain power to the team. We added

great team members. Welcome María and Luisfer!

Presence in the VC ecosystem

We have been actively involved in the VC ecosystem in Spain and Portugal and have attended conferences around the world such as South Summit, Mobile World Congress, SaaStr Dublin and San Francisco, Web Summit, Noah London or Salesforce Dreamforce San Francisco. We are ready to find great entrepreneurs wherever they are and our estimated combined miles travelled can be good proof of that

Our portfolio companies are making an impact, reaching great milestones and already leaving their mark on a big number of employees

These are all very meaningful #s for us. We have worked hard for our companies, we have helped them raise new rounds, we have added new companies to our portfolio and met incredible entrepreneurs. This VC ecosystem we are part of is fascinating and we see the quality of dealflow improving year over year. We could not be more bullish about the great opportunities that lie ahead in 2019 and what set of new numbers the year will throw at us. We are ready to go. Please reach out!