Execution is everything.

Ideas are cheap.

You might have great idea. However, if you don’t put it in action, your idea is worth nothing.

I’ve met radio moderators who came to me with dozens of ideas. But usually none of those ideas where later executed. Coming up with ideas was their forte. But ideas are cheap. Everyone can have one. Executing on them is hard.

Strategy without execution is waste of money.

Your strategy could be brilliant. But, if the things that are said there, are not executed, your strategy is worth zero. Waste of paper,time, and money.

This is a step worse then just having ideas. You actually did one part of job. And then you stopped.

It is like buying a concert ticket, and never going to the concert. You are almost there, but you didn’t really experience it.

Excuses are poison.

You might have really good excuses for not doing something.

Boss doesn’t understand. Company culture is wrong. You don’t have time. People you are working with are wrong.

But at the end of the day, excuse is just excuse. And to be honest, there are no good excuses. Every excuse is cheating yourself out of greatness.

If you are not walking the talk, you are nothing. You better keep your mouth shut.

World is filled with excuse driven people who blame everyone and everything for not getting what they deserve.

Coincidence is that most of those people usually never execute on anything. They just talk. And talk.


Don’t be talker. Be doer. Be motivator. Be mover. Be executor.

Because, it is never too late to start.

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