Martial Art Center At Sydney To Meet All Your Requirements For Professional Fitness Programmers

Nitrixx is a team of professional seekers that provide you martial arts services. Martial arts are not restrictive over age , gender and adolescent categories they are not at all time bounded content and enforce a feeling of positivity and warmth to mind. Mind relaxes over a little workout session than rather staying up at bed and watching entertainment or being social website addict. It mind offer you pleasure but not actually.

Nitrixx offers a variety of services for all age groups in martial arts and improves them with every passing day they had at their training.
It helps them to build strength endurance and strong body with a proper mindset towards achieving and builds a strong inner core. condemning about gracie junior programs,gracie adult programs, muay thai, k1 kids boxing,kids kickboxing, strength , code and conditioning.


This program is aid to train child and build up there muscle and strength and train them about martial arts. It not only teach them about martial arts but about how important it is to conquer mind in life. It enforces them to sense peace rather that the workaholic life and in race of having more money.


In gracie adult program we deal with adult group members teaching them about Self Defense, Sport Jiu Jitsu and fitness.
Self defense is an important and habitual necessity for living a person must be ensure about ha hug role to play in our daily life and the outcomes we face in our day to day life.

Muay thai is sensed as the science behind the 8 limbs. It teaches them about the thai style of fighting . Muay thai is similar to boxing but in thai condemnation and terms and conditions .in muay thai the entire body is used as a weapon.muay thai session lasts for up to 60 mins and offer a hiit training session.


Kickboxing Jiu Jitsu Sydney program at nitrixx sydney are lead by Wahib Baki for all levels.

Kickboxing training not only endorses strength and body development in a person through the class 45 mins but also lessen minds thoughtful process and trains them to control all gathered attention over the opponent. Female kickboxing training helps there muscles to grow and make their body fit and flexible. At Nitrixx we understand your requirement about self conscious and work with whole passion to endorse in you self confidence and self esteem.

kickboxing class and Tranning in Sydney

At Nitrixx - Learn professinoal techniques of Kickboxing

Bankstown Martial Arts (NITRIXX)

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We bring to you the most efficacious Martial Art classes in Sydney. Join our free trial of classes today!

kickboxing class and Tranning in Sydney

At Nitrixx - Learn professinoal techniques of Kickboxing

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