Lifelong journal : First prototypes and feedback

This article is about my Kickstarter project. Now I’m working on a new lifelong journal for documenting personal history over time. You can check the beginning of this idea here.

Last weekend I participated in Product sessions at Orbital for my Kickstarter project. I brought my initial prototypes and was advised from three advisors about that. It was so interesting to see if people are interested in my idea. Through this session, I was trying to figure out what people see the value in my project and which prototype is appealing to them among my three initial prototypes. My advisors gave me super helpful feedback and even suggestions that I’ve never thought! Here are my initial three prototypes and feedback.

Annual report about me

This is a note pad which consist of questions for yearly review. Writers can recap their memory in that year via questions and easily follow their history over time.


“How about writing this report twice per year: new-year and year-end so that people can compare what they planned to what they actually achieved.”
“Hmm.. The app might work better than notebook”
“Why this form?”
“Reminds me of annual/quarter report for the company.”
“It’s still feeling overwhelmed to fill out all.”
“Questions might be more fun.”
“Maybe it will be interesting if it can be customized.”
“I like specific prompt! It will make me think deeply.”

60 Years letter

It’s form of letter but not just a letter. Actually, it is time capsule. Each letter is representative of each ages. The letter consists of 5 cards which have special theme such as accomplishment or failure, etc. Writers can leave their thought on each card and collect it to a transparent box. Over time, writers can pull up past memory with joy.


“So will I send this card?” “No.” “Hmm…… (Silence).”
“This form appears as sending card to someone or future.”
“Maybe it’s not good metaphor.”

Journal for “FAVORITES”

This journal is filled out personal “favorites”. “Favorites” can be from very trivial to important. By keeping this journal and writing on it, users can think deeply what they like and who they are. Also, it provides fun experience: track their past preference and see how they are changed.


“Interesting. But it can be more interesting.”
“It feels more personal item. It looks like more flexible to use.”
“Prompt and theme is important.”
“I think “Favorite” is choosing ONE among many.”
“Think about interaction of “changes over time”. If my favorite person is changed, can I tear previous one? Or put a sticker on that person? Maybe you can use something fun interaction.”
“Who/What will have champion belt now and next?”
“Considering your product’s identity. Long time record or Instant fun?”
“Favorites vs Likes”

The interesting thing was the feedbacks from different people is somewhat similar. And the idea that they are more interested in is also similar. I could see they responded to “Journal for Favorites” idea more actively. Actually, I was in trouble to choose one among my prototypes because personally I love all ideas and think each have their values as well. I felt I lost objectivity. I need other’s opinion. So my main goal of this session was initial user-testing for determining idea that I will pursue. I could receive honest feedback from my advisors but also brilliant insights. Now I would say it was successful!

Special thanks to Hanna Yoon, Tom Harman, nick barr

You can check whole process of this project via links below.

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All kinds of comments about life documentation are always welcome.

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