Links We Like, 6/25: School’s out for summer!

Our team’s mission is to compile all of the things we learn from creators and make them accessible to anyone trying to launch a project. Just a few months ago, we launched a Skillshare course to help you think through how you can tell your story in a compelling, fun, and honest way. Since then, we’ve found other great courses from members of our community and we’re excited to share them in this week’s Links We Like. Did we miss yours? Send it our way!

Work with Adam J. Kurtz to draft your own personal brand manifesto.

Thinking about making the jump to professional freelancer? Monika’s got your back.

New York Times Bestselling Author Daniel José Older breaks down the 4 C’s of storytelling.

Want to learn a new skill this weekend? Filmmaker, journalist, and media artist Elaine McMillion Sheldon shares her approach to video portraits.

And last but not least, our very own Director of Community Education gives some inside tips on building a great campaign.

New to Skillshare? Click any of those links or use the code kickstartertips and you’ll have the opportunity to get three months of their great classes FOR FREE. Think of it as a summer gift from us to you. ☀️

P.S. School’s out forever. 🏫

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