What do you think of $1 rewards?

This week’s Campus Convo is all about $1 rewards. Learn how creators use this reward tier to grow their community, one virtual high-five at a time.

One whole dollar!

Creator John Wrot:

The $1 level is not about collecting money. It’s about collecting backers.

For every 10 backers you have you hopefully have at least one backer that shares your project. But your mom isn’t interested in your lightning-proof-beer-koozie, nor are most of your friends. Sorry, they’re not pledging $64 to get one. But you can pretty easily talk them into pledging $1 “to support you” and maybe just maybe they’ll share it with their friends.

Anything digital is a good use for the $1 tier:

  • A digital print of your art
  • A digital print of your book cover, or event program
  • 1 free entry to your cover charged place or event (restaurant/etc.)
  • Electronic thank you — video, email, personalized e card, named on your website, etc.

Creator Lisa Vollrath:

I’ve done four Kickstarter campaigns, and I always include a $1 reward that gives access to the backer updates. There are always people who just want to throw a dollar in to watch the project and get the updates. All those dollars add up, and while those backers are getting updates, they might see something that prompts them to increase their pledges.

Creator James Cooper:

Since every dollar counts in an all-or-nothing model (as Kickstarter is), I think dollar reward levels can be great. Sometimes it can be easier to convince 50 people to give you $1 each than for one person to give you $50.

It’s a great spot to insert some small, but cool digital rewards. Mostly, I think people give $1 because they don’t have a lot of disposable income in the moment, but still want to support/be a part of the campaign. It’s a good way to keep them involved via project updates, as well as hopefully to convince them to upgrade to a $5 or $10 tier throughout the campaign by promoting any cool progress on the project/concept while the campaign is live. At the end of campaigns, it’s not uncommon to do a push to your existing backers asking people to back the next tier up. Only a small percentage usually do, but anything that gets you closer to the goal is worth the effort.

Creator Lizzy Miles:

I think $1 or $5 rewards are a good idea because sometimes there are people in your network who want to support YOU but have no interest in your product. Allowing $1 donation is a win-win because they feel good and you feel good from the support.

Backer Stevepunk:

I like to think of $1 backers as potential fans. You need to engage with them to bring them over the line and they can be some of your biggest supporters in the end. And even if they can’t afford to pledge higher they can still share your project around to their friends. Support isn’t always monetary.

Every backer, every fan, every supporter is valuable!

Creator Antoinette Rogers:

Every dollar counts in raising money for anything. I think every backer should receive something regardless of the amount they donate. A great idea could be a letter of appreciation. It really is the thought that counts!

Creator Sarah Lamb:

I think this is a good way for people who support your project, but may not be able to support it so much financially to also help contribute. Especially friends and family who may already have access to your ‘rewards’ for free in normal life. I also think it’s a good way for people to feel involved without breaking the bank.

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