A retrospective of pizza creations.

In honor of the most delicious week of the year (that’s National Pizza Week, of course), we’re serving up a mouth-watering retrospective of ten epically pizzadelic acts of creativity.

From a photographer hunting down ex-Pizza Huts, to a purveyor of pizza tourism, to a band that sent a slice to space — the Kickstarter vaults’ pizza menu could only be compared to a piping-hot everything pie. Dig in!

So… there was that one time a band sent pizza to space. (No, really. Anamanaguchi literally sent a pizza to space.)

7,253 backers helped bring Anamanaguchi ENDLESS FANTASY to life on June 2, 2013

The world’s first pizza museum became a thing — and got featured on NPR.

326 backers helped bring Pizza Brain to life on April 1, 2012

This guy made a documentary-worthy career out of pizza tourism.

335 backers helped bring Scott’s Pizza Tours: A Documentary to life on August 7, 2015

A photographer revealed the second lives of abandoned Pizza Huts.

265 backers helped bring Pizza Hunt to life on October 28, 2015

One of our own (hi, Natalie!) made a four-part web series that’s “half pizza cooking show, half pizzercise.”

Epic action figures immortalized “Knights of the Slice.”

207 backers helped bring Toy Pizza — Knights of the Slice to life on February 17, 2015

Making pizza together is such tasty fun, these buds wrote a book about it.

1,105 backers helped bring The Pizza Book to life on December 18, 2015

Hungry vegan and gluten-free pizza fiends had the opportunity to nosh on tasty pies at Burning Man.

54 backers helped bring The Pizza Project to life on August 2, 2013

Pizza was a love story — but isn’t pizza always a bit of a love story?

26 backers helped bring Pizza, A Love Story to life on June 30, 2011

And let’s give a big, greasy hug to these two pizzariffic projects. While they didn’t quite make their Kickstarter goals, their pizza potential still feels as strong as a pizzaiolo’s pizza-flipping biceps.

Pizza Bed wanted to help you turn your sleeping spot into a glorious span of pepperoni and melted cheese.

205 backers were hungry for a slice of the Pizza Bed

Gift couture pizza wrapping paper could have transformed even the most average gift into a stunning, pizza-themed surprise.

77 backers wanted extra cheese on their Gift Couture Pizza Wrapping Paper

’Til next time, may your slices be gloriously large, and your pies be mouth-wateringly hot and delish.