A conversation about creating a brand story that reflects your product, addressing shipping challenges, and more.

Feb 25, 2016 · 3 min read

A few weeks after Green Pea Cookie reached its funding goal, Terry, our Food Outreach Lead (and vegan cookbook author!), invited us to try the delicious green cookies. Who knew that roasted veggies and chocolate could make such a great combination? We were excited to catch up with Larissa, one of the co-creators of this project, during our latest Creator Hangout.

Larissa, Terry, and the live audience chatted about…

  • The original recipe for Green Pea Cookie and how the team joined forces
  • Creating a brand story that reflects your product and who you are as a company
  • Flavor-testing with your community
  • Addressing any obstacles in shipping or production

More food tips from Terry

And while we were on the subject of food, we asked Terry for advice she’d share with anyone considering launching a project in that category:

  • Make sure your food photos are clear, in-focus, and delicious looking, always. Instagram is overflowing with inspiration when it comes to food photography on a budget (and done with a cellphone!).
The Brigadeiro Bakery team had some great photos on their project page.
  • And on that note, learn to love Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There are huge food communities on these platforms. Make sure what you’re posting is sharable.
  • Stumped for video content ideas? A voice-over in combination with some clips of your ingredients or cooking process stitched together into a short (two minutes or less) video is a fantastic recipe to build on.
Check out the Subzero Superfood video for inspiration.
  • Want to minimize local shipping (especially great for delicate or chilled products!)? Host a “pick-up” party for backers who opt-in (surveys are your friend). Not only will you cut down on shipping costs, but you’ll have the chance to meet some of your biggest supporters.
  • Do you have experience shipping your product? Wondering how it will survive transit? Test your shipping and handling! Send test packages to friends or relatives in a few major cities, remote areas, and even internationally. Ask them to report back on how long it took them to receive the package, and the quality of the packaging and food once it arrived.

We hope you enjoyed our month of food chats, tweets, and tips! Thanks to everyone that joined February’s Creator Hangouts, including our friends from New Food Economy.

If you’re interested in joining our next Creator Hangout, check the schedule here or subscribe to our Facebook page to see who we’re talking to next. Peas out! ✌

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Stories about how independent creators bring their projects to life.

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