Projects We Love: Raise Your Voice

MIDI controllers for non-musicians, the return of a beloved tabletop game, and environmental advocacy campaigns you can get in on right now.

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Featured projects
 — Dubler Studio Kit
 — Root: The Underworld Expansion
 — Tuskers
 —Sludge: People-Powered Journalism

Dubler Studio Kit

Your voice is a tool — one of the most powerful ones you’ve got. This week’s projects offer a multitude of ways to raise it, from turning it into a musical instrument to calling attention to an ongoing wildlife crisis. Turn it up.

Dubler Studio Kit

By Vochlea Music

Turn your voice into the ultimate musical instrument with this music-tech prototype. Hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drum kit, or manipulate effects and filters using vocal cues.

Root: The Underworld Expansion

By Leder Games

Return to the world of Root (and burrow deep beneath it). The creators of the wildly popular tabletop game are back to print a brand-new expansion pack — and more copies of the original game, for all the fans who have been clambering for a copy.


By Marc Gaffen, Javier Barrios, and Daniel Govar

Calling attention to the crisis of African elephant poaching, Tuskers follows a herd of orphaned African elephants who must escape their homeland to the safety of an elephant orphanage as a vicious poaching militia chases them. Help get the graphic novel to print.


By David Moore

“Environmental legislation is not as sexy as the Russia investigation or the 2020 Presidential race, so the fossil fuel industry’s corruption of the process barely gets any attention.” Join a reader-funded investigative journalism project to expose fossil fuel lobbying and efforts to kill the Green New Deal in the United States.