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Teaching computer science to communities of color, eco-friendly furniture, and more.

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 — CodeScty
Frederick Douglass: Portrait of a Free Man
 —SSD Chair
 —The Dilemma of Desire

Frederick Douglass: Portrait of a Free Man

This week, explore projects from people working to shape a brighter future — from making tech education more inclusive to putting an end to gun violence.


By Armando Somoza and Chenits Pettigrew

It’s Schoolhouse Rock for computer science. These educators use hip hop music and videos to teach computational thinking, inviting more people of color to participate in creating the future of tech.

Frederick Douglass: Portrait of a Free Man

By Thornwillow

Frederick Douglass’s work “asked profound and troubling philosophical questions that continue to resonate throughout the world today.” Thornwillow Press plans to publish a new edition of the abolitionist leader’s monumental 1845 memoir and treatise on slavery, along with two new monographs by contemporary literary critic and historian Henry Louis Gates Jr.

SSD Chair

By TIPTOE Design

The team at TIPTOE Design wants to create furniture that looks good, lasts a long time, and is kind to our planet. They’ve designed a simple, durable folding chair that’s made with easy-to-recycle materials and ships in a flat pack, which translates into lower CO2 emissions during storage and shipping.

The Dilemma of Desire

By Diane Moy Quon

Meet a group of women on a mission to shatter the myths and stigma surrounding women’s sexual desire and their bodies. “We want to empower women to embrace and own their sexuality and pleasure,” says the team behind this documentary. “Call it ‘Cliteracy.’”