Projects We Love: Throw Burritos at Your Friends

In the new game from “Exploding Kittens” creators Elan Lee and Matthew Inman.

Throw Throw Burrito

Playing cards and throwing food at friends — what more could you want from game night?

Throw Throw Burrito

By Elan Lee and Matthew Inman

The minds behind Exploding Kittens are back to create a dodgeball-inspired tabletop game of burrito throwing and card-matching.

The Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens

By Lomography

The analog and experimental photography devotees at Lomography have designed a new lens to electrify your travel and street photos with enhanced colors, high contrast, and unique blur effects.

Mel D. Cole Presents GREAT: Photographs of Hip-Hop 2002–2019

By Haymaker

Since 2002, photographer Mel D. Cole has been documenting the rise of hip-hop in mainstream culture. Now he plans to publish a book of iconic images from the past 17 years in hip-hop history.

Cone of Shame Notecard Set

By Winnie Au

Created to promote and celebrate rescue dogs, Winnie Au’s “Cone of Shame” series features fanciful portraits of dogs wearing artful Elizabethan-style collars. She’s turning them into a notecard set so you can send them to your friends — or just keep ’em for yourself.