Tech Trends: Mixing Water and Electricity

Five inventive projects that harness the power of water

As summer comes to a close and trips to the ocean fade into memory, we’ve seen some remarkable projects launch that use technology to showcase the power and importance of water. From forceful streams that can cut through metal to gentle mists that conserve this precious resource at the tap, there are so many worlds to explore and problems to solve involving good old H2O.


Waterjet cutters use a focused stream of liquid and abrasive particles to slice through metal, stone, or nearly any other material with precision. Wazer’s elegant desktop machine will be the first to open up the creative possibilities offered by this industrial technology to designers, artists, and makers.

Bixpy Jet

A different kind of waterjet, Bixpy is a modular propulsion system that adds an electric boost to kayaking, paddleboarding, and even swimming. Aside from making you feel like a secret agent, it will let you go farther and deeper than you could on your own steam.


Whether competing in a triathlon or just getting through a long work day, hydration is essential to performing your best. This elegant wearable device will help you track activity, sleep, and if you’re drinking enough water (spoiler: you probably aren’t).

Fathom One

The ubiquity of flying drones has made it easy to shoot video from the sky, but what about seeing the world that lies beneath the water’s surface? This beginner-friendly, camera-equipped swimming robot will let you explore new depths on your next outdoor adventure. Its compact, modular design means that it even fits in a backpack.


Perhaps the most important thing we can do with water is use less of it. This conservation-oriented faucet attachment creates a gentle mist for those times when a gushing stream isn’t necessary, reducing water consumption by up to 98%.


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