The Kickstarter Resources Compendium

Over the years we’ve created lots of resources to help creators make sure their projects run smoothly. We share these resources in our Help Center, across the site, in our emails, and over on Twitter @KickstarterTips. But if you ever lose an attachment or can’t track down a link we sent you, you should find it all here, in our Resources Compendium.

The Classics

The Creator Handbook
Consider this the quintessential guide on how-to Kickstarter. This resource walks you through the basics of setting up your description, choosing rewards, and sending out updates.

Ask fellow creators about any part of running a project.

It’s a great one! Start here if you have a specific question about using Kickstarter.

The Creator Resources Page
A list of creator tested and approved services that can help with everything from packaging and shipping to prototyping and manufacturing.

Creator Hangouts
Conversations with creators from the Kickstarter community.

Creator Basics
We talked to creators from each and every category and asked them for their best advice on everything from planning a promotion strategy to working with a manufacturer.

Our Rules
They’re short and simple, but you should know them!

Our Favorite Blog Posts

For Creators, by Creators

Worksheets and Helpful Tools

Choose Your Own Category Adventure

Learn from creators in your category by taking a look at our resource guides for Film, Music, 🆕 Design and Technology, 🆕 Food, and Games. More coming soon!

We’ll continue adding to this list as we create more resources. If there’s anything you think we should work on or that needs to be added, let us know on Twitter (or here)! And if you found any of these links helpful, we’d appreciate a ❤.