What I Learned by Prototyping With no Prototyping Experience

It’s going to be ugly… and that’s OK.

From childish drawing to a hacked together V.1

Despite looking like a grade schooler’s drawing, my little animation captured the imagination of Alessio (now Blubel’s CTO) and he started work on the app that would power our bell’s navigation.

The whole process of putting things together, playing around, and testing functions really helped me to understand what it was I was trying to achieve.

If that first animation was the germ of the idea, actually getting my hands dirty was when this product came to life.

The real power of an MVP

And boy did we learn from it!

Taking the prototype to the next step

With the encouragement and feedback from our yoghurt pot product, we found a team of product designers and gave them a detailed brief to help us take the yoghurt pot to the next level.

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