Why Your Social Media Post Aren’t Working For You (And How to Fix It)

Everyone knows we have to use social media for business — but does it seem like social media isn’t working for you? Here’s why.

Social media is an excellent way for brands to connect with their customers and prospects (the folks who will likely buy from you, but haven’t yet). But I hear from many of you that social media just isn’t working the way it used to.

It used to be that a brand would post something, 50%-80% of their following would see it, there would be amazing engagement and response rates, and everyone would be happy.

That is no longer the case.

But what changed?

What didn’t change is the quality of the content being shared.

What did change was the amount of content being shared.

Social media companies use complex calculations to figure out what content will engage well for their benefit (not yours) and will keep users coming back.

Platforms like Facebook built their company on the backs of small businesses, then rewrote the rules of the game. These new rules forced brands to start paying-to-play in the form of Boosted posts.

Fine. Now advertising online costs money like any other form of advertising.

But you know what didn’t change? The quality of the content being shared.

What changed again was the amount of content being shared.

Brands — especially small businesses — flocked to third-party services promising to provide them with social media content. Additionally, many started stringing their various social media platforms together so that whatever shared on one also shared on the other. Moreover, many started posting stuff because they feel like they need to.

More content was published and engagement rates continued to drop.

Why is this?

You know what didn’t change? The quality of the content being shared.

Content Reality Check

Take a look at the last 90 days of content that your brand has shared.

Would you re-share it? Would you Like it? Would you comment on it? Would it inspire you to take action? To show your friends? To bring it up at a dinner party? To make you stop doing one thing in exchange for another?

The reason social media is not working as well as it used to is because good enough is not good enough anymore.

The sheer amount of content being spewed is overwhelming and we can no longer slide by with just publishing something for the sake of publishing something. Social media cannot be a checkbox in your organizational To Do list, “Yep. We did social media. Next.”

Good Enough is no longer Good Enough - Shaun Nestor

As brands, we need to double-down on our efforts and develop a strategy that guides us in alignment with our mission. If we publish something, it should be for the express purpose of adding value to the lives of our followers, establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry, or deepening the relationship between company and customer.

A strategy is a roadmap — a written document that directs what we post, when we post, and why we post. We know that when things are written down — on paper, on purpose — they get done. Don’t let your social media plan continue on by default, let it continue by design.

Our followers, customers, and prospects are all pressed for time and want the best of the best. Are you publishing it?

If you don’t have a social media strategy — and want one — I would be happy to discuss how to create and follow one. Reach out to me at shaun at kickstartkings dot com.

Originally published at Kickstart Kings.

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