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Ground-breaking volunteer program set to provide sanctuary for children, teens and adults


Nestled in an industrial warehouse is an unsuspecting atmosphere shaped to provide relief for just about anyone. John Hansen, founder and operator of Kid Labs and The Lab, welcomes individuals from all walks of life with the hope to provide opportunities to express a love for art, music, soul and self through a variety of different outlets. Motivation and the beginnings of this program started as a place of peaceful retreat, an “underground superhero lair” for Hansen’s son, but has since then become even more.

The Lab was created with the mature in mind. Hoping to be the dwelling of many activities and opportunities, it is currently the peaceful playground to many talented Utah graffiti artists.

Covering every square inch of the walls in the warehouse, images expressing the uniqueness of the individuals who enter through the doors to find solace and artistic relief can be found. Messages of hope, love and faith frequently are on display, but at the end every two months, the walls are whitewashed for new voices that need to be heard. This portion of the warehouse is designed to help local graffiti artist with a positive outlet for their talents. Rising from an uncultivated culture in Utah, The Lab is one of the first places and artist might be given paint and a legal wall that can be used for their own artistic expression.

Community outreach programs started by the artists who frequent the Lab are ongoing throughout the community. Educating local children on the many unique aspects of art is the main subject for these programs. In addition to unleashing many local artists’ creativity, The Lab has plans to provide several different activities for teens and adults. Community education classes and well-being seminars are focal highlights for The Lab.

Kid Labs was designed to provide an atmosphere for children to be unique. Opportunities for growth and development in a positive atmosphere, surrounded by uplifting and inspiring individuals has been a pivotal part of creating Kid Labs. Children attending Kid Labs will have the chance to be engaged in activities that promote individualism and structure.

Kid Labs is also set to be a place of positive relief for single parents. Hansen, being a single dad himself, wanted to provide a safe place for single moms and dads to leave their children, while they enjoy activities at the Lab or finish errands and responsibilities they have not gotten to because they’ve been attending to their children.

The organization’s program would like to include seminars, workshops and retreats as well as counseling services and fund-raising opportunities at the warehouse. Plans for several locations of this venture are in motion.

Kid Labs and The Lab were inspired by Hansen who wanted to create a dream location dedicated to his son, Chase. It has been framed to be a place where he could bring individuals together who wanted to make a difference in their community. Hansen relies heavily on the help of retailers, volunteers and local community support for supplies, funding and organization of projects held at the warehouse. — For more information on how to get involved, please contact Chase Hansen.




Social Impact company founded by Chase Hansen.

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Kid Labs

Kid Labs

A Social Impact Company founded in 2013 by 4 year old businessman and philanthropist Chase Hansen and his dad, with a mission to be a global FORCE for good.

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