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As we began to build the idea, we gathered important proofs of concepts and borrowed ideas from successful organizations like Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries, and Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

We were deeply inspired by the lairs and collaborative community centers which we had seen while researching. Creative workspaces and co-working environments like the Bat Cave, the Avengers Tower, Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the Watchtower, and Arrow’s Bunker all seemed to produce impressive results. These were all places where Heroes worked, sometimes alone, other times with their friends or teams — gathering to learn, train and strategize on their various missions or just to tinker with their tools and gadgets.

We studied out different team building methods and how they might effectively collaborate across diverse groups of individuals, often with strong personalities. We were curious as to what created an effective co-working environment and fostered a team culture that leveraged individual strengths and creative problem solving skills to meet mission objectives and foster unity, even through adversarial and stressful situations.

Looking across the globe, we were inspired by social disruptors we discovered through TED talks and their ideas and social impact methods used in their hero work.


We explored innovative mechanisms like Makerspaces, Business Incubators, Think Tanks, Social Impact Hubs, Education Accelerators, Immersive Experience Centers, and Transformational Leadership Programs.


We loved all these ideas and wanted to apply them to the future leaders and change makers of the world…to empower kids through collective impact methodologies, disruptive innovation, design thinking, and business development opportunies through an organization that would engineer change.




Social Impact company founded by Chase Hansen.

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Kid Labs

Kid Labs

A Social Impact Company founded in 2013 by 4 year old businessman and philanthropist Chase Hansen and his dad, with a mission to be a global FORCE for good.

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