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OCTOBER 10, 2018


On October 10th, World Homeless Day, LEESA Sleep is seizing the opportunity to raise awareness for bedlessness in America. Bedlessness affects more than 500,000 Americans who are seeking refuge from homelessness, domestic risk, human trafficking and more. Since LEESA was founded in 2015, the company has donated more than 30,000 mattresses to more than 1,000 charities who support those afflicted. These donations have resulted in more than 3,000,000 nights of better rest.

This World Homeless Day, LEESA is amplifying their commitment to help solve this problem, increasing their giving model from “One-Ten” to “Ten-for-Ten” on October 10. For every mattress LEESA sells on World Homeless Day, they’ll commit a matching mattress donation to a charitable partner.

LEESA has also taken notice of young people all across the country who are doing remarkable things in their communities and we are partnering with youth to enhance the good they’re doing. LEESA will be hosting a series of mattress donations in their homebase of Virginia Beach as well as tapping these young social changemakers at events in New York City, Baltimore, Boston, Salt Lake City and Chicago by giving them mattresses and funds to further their work and officiate them as LEESA Sleep Ambassadors.

Each Social Changemaker will partner with LEESA Sleep at a giving event in their hometown, with more than 500 mattresses being donated on this day through their efforts. We have partnered with Chase to help give Salt Lake City Rescue Mission mattresses on the morning of 10/10. The Utah Transit Authority police department will be joined by a team of community members to support this Sleep Mission and project Empathy.



SALT LAKE CITYI would like to introduce you all to someone very special — Chase Hansen. Chase is the founder of Project Empathy which is a social impact experiment based off the simple truth that sometimes all you need is a friend who will listen. Inspired by the superheroes of his favorite movies, Chase and his father John have become real life superheroes working to spread empathy and make a difference in the homeless community right here in Salt Lake City,

To date Chase has sat down for a meal with 130 homeless friends and has been the listening ear and source of support needed to reignite their feeling of self worth and move forward in their life by gaining employment and finding a home. Chase gives promise to a new generation of passionate and driven change-makers, and on behalf of Leesa I am excited to announce him as one of our 2018 Leesa Social Changemakers. Chase thank you for everything you do and for inspiring us. We cannot wait to follow your journey — Leesa





Social Impact company founded by Chase Hansen.

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Kid Labs

Kid Labs

A Social Impact Company founded in 2013 by 4 year old businessman and philanthropist Chase Hansen and his dad, with a mission to be a global FORCE for good.

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