Good Business: Jet Linx

An interview with Greg Kinsella, Washington D.C. Jet Linx Base President.

Greg Kinsella [Image via Jet Linx]

With their dedication to clients and high standards of customer service, private jet company Jet Linx stands out from the competition.

Kiddar Capital is a Jet Linx client. “Jet Linx’s exceptional service saves us time and enables us to conduct our business more efficiently,” says Todd Hitt, Kiddar Capital founder & CEO. “We have been consistently impressed by their dedication to good business principles and practices — the same principles that we use in business every day at Kiddar.”

I recently spoke with Greg Kinsella, Jet Linx D.C. Base President, about the company’s new D.C. location, core values, and what sets them apart from other private jet services.

The D.C. area office of Jet Linx recently opened in 2016. Tell me a bit more about your D.C. office, and why this market is important to Jet Linx.
Jet Linx analyzed the D.C. market for years before making the decision in April 2015 to establish a Base at Dulles Airport. The Washington, D.C. market has unique demographics and spheres of influence, and is integral to Jet Linx’s penetration of East Coast markets.

Jet Linx has three primary locations in the area: Dulles International, Leesburg Executive, and Manassas Regional Airports. The majority of private jet flights serving the D.C. area arrive into or depart from Dulles Airport, where our members-only lounge opened in Spring 2016.

This local approach to the market provides the most comprehensive private jet solution in the area. With 14 Bases and nearly 90 aircraft nationwide, our customers have access to the third-largest and fastest-growing private jet charter fleet in the industry.

What sets Jet Linx apart from other private jet companies?
Jet Linx is one of only a few national service providers that operates at highest standard while providing guaranteed pricing and aircraft availability. Our primary differentiator is that we deliver this service to our customers through our local Bases, making the experience less clinical and much more personal. No matter where our clients are flying to or from, their first point of contact is their local customer service specialists and management team. At the Base, our job is to know our customer’s every need and deliver upon that every time.

Flawless teamwork is integral to Jet Linx’s ability to deliver amazing customer service. Do you have any stories you can share that highlight this core value?
There are many, but one of the more complex situations involved a trip to Europe in the middle of the night. The landing system at the airport, where we intended to refuel, unexpectedly went out of service. Our crew needed to divert to their alternate airport.

Our flight crew made one phone call from the aircraft to our National Operations Center (NOC) to advise of the change of plans. The NOC team jumped into action and made all of the necessary arrangements at the alternate airport to expedite the turnaround while realigning all of the logistics (catering, car services, landing slots, customs, et cetera). The Client Services team was notified and they updated the customer’s points of contact (executive assistants and business partners) of the potential delay.

The unexpected turn of events could have easily caused more than an hour’s delay, but in the end we landed at the destination only 15 minutes behind schedule with everyone properly informed. For the client, it was a non-event and the trip went off flawlessly.

When someone thinks of Jet Linx, what word do you want them to associate with your company?
At Jet Linx we have five core values: Integrity, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Selflessness. In my opinion, integrity is the foundation of those values. One definition of integrity is “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” That is Jet Linx.

[Image via Jet Linx]

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