The Kiddar Capital Technology Portfolio

Private equity firm Kiddar Capital was founded by construction and real estate veteran Todd Hitt, who has $50 million of his private capital at work in technologies modernizing construction, real estate, automation, and logistics.

“Built world industries collectively make up over a third of the U.S. GDP, but receive substantially less venture capital than sectors like Media & Entertainment,” says Cheryl Foil, Kiddar’s Principal of Technology and Innovation. “That’s a multi-billion dollar innovation opportunity with very little money behind it right now.”

Kiddar Capital Technology has made 10 investments over the past year, and plans to invest in up to 30 more. The firm has also invested in two DC-based venture capital funds to support the local technology startup community: 1776 and NextGen Venture Partners.

The portfolio reflects Kiddar’s signature de-risked approach to investing. “Our entire body of work is focused on de-risking investments through full diligence, structured deal alignment, and leveraging our industry expertise,” says Kiddar Capital founder and CEO Todd Hitt.


Aquicore turns sustainability into profit. Known as “Fitbit for buildings,” their product is a powerful platform for commercial real estate to collect and analyze real-time utilities data. Buildings with Aquicore installed are more efficient, sustainable, and improve building NOI by cutting utilities costs up to 30%.

Co-investors: 1776, Navitas Capital

Clients: Cushman & Wakefield, Douglas Development, Lincoln Property Company, MRP Realty, Under Armour, Vornado


BuildingConnected is revolutionizing the construction bid management process, and their streamlined tool is already the standard for many general contractors and owners. In October 2016 alone, BuildingConnected managed the bidding process for over $40B in new construction.

Co-investors: Brick & Mortar Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Homebrew

Select Clients: Anderson Construction, Balfour Beatty Construction, McCarthy Building Companies, Skanska, Turner Construction Company, Webcor Builders


CargoSense uses machine intelligence to manage supply chain logistics, slashing shipping costs and ensuring that cargo arrives in one piece. Don’t expect their tech in your Amazon packages, though: CargoSense is mainly geared towards large shipments of sensitive products — like pharmaceuticals, which lose $35 billion of product in transit every year.

Co-investors: CIT GAP Funds, IrishAngels, New Dominion Angels


EverCharge provides compact, efficient electric vehicle (EV) chargers to apartments, condos, and car fleets. EVs are more popular than ever before, and becoming more affordable by the year: Bloomberg predicts that EVs will cost less than $22,000 and make up 35% of new car sales by 2040.

Co-Investors: Bolt, Partners Resolute, Brick & Mortar, 1776


GoTab allows the customer to take control of the restaurant checkout process. Using their secure mobile web platform, customers can view their tab, split the bill, add an automatically calculated tip, and pay with stored card information. For the customer, it simplifies and speeds up the payment process. For the restaurant, it cuts lines, increases table turnover, reduces paperwork, provides useful analytics, and raises the average tip.


PrepFactory sees the future of preparing for standardized tests as fun, accessible, and free. Tutors and classes can be tedious and expensive; PrepFactory’s user-friendly and social SAT/ACT study tool is available to any student or teacher at no cost.


Millennials are jumping into the homebuying market, and Kanler caters to them with a technology-based homebuilding and renovation process as seamless as a smartphone app. Founded in 2015, the startup has completed $32M+ of construction work to date.

Co-Investors: 500 Startups, Battery Ventures, Floodgate


MeWe’s inspection technology, CoInspect, is “TurboTax for legal compliance.” The technology streamlines the entire inspection process — usually done with pen and paper — into a single, easy-to-use application. Features include inspection checklists, reporting, and performance tracking.

Co-Investors: Urban Us


The winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2016 and our own KC Disrupt 2016, Mobalytics supercharges the performance of esports gamers. The esports market has exploded in recent years: it generated $892 million of revenue in 2016 (up 19% from the previous year). Mobalytics analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of League of Legends players, and plans to expand into Overwatch, DOTA 2, and Counter Strike.

Co-investors: Founders Fund, General Catalyst Partners, GGV Capital


Rhumbix is an all-in-one construction management platform. Rhumbix fully understands what a construction job site needs, and provides a comprehensive tech solution to ensure projects are completed safely and on time.

Co-Investors: Brick & Mortar Ventures, Greylock Partners


Selling your home? Traditional brokerages charge a 6% fee, but UpsideDoor uses technology to cut costs to 1%. They take care of the entire process, including pre-inspection, pricing, listing, staging, photography, custom marketing, buyer curation — even the paperwork.

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