The Kiddar Way

We are Todd Hitt’s global alternative asset management firm Kiddar Capital, and we put our capital to work to make good things happen.

We’re an agile team of investment professionals. We focus on creating jobs, driving the future growth of our economy, and generating strong returns while holding ourselves to the highest standards of good business.

The Kiddar Way is our culture, distilled down to the nine principles essential to who we are, what we do, and every investment we make.


Originality: We’re always searching for new solutions.
Transparency: You see what we see.
Diligence: We do our homework.
Vigilance: Details matter.
Resourcefulness: We solve problems others can’t.
Grit: We solve problems others won’t.
Flexibility: There’s always another way.
Reliability: Our word is our bond.
Passion: We do everything with aggressive excellence.

The Kiddar Way is how we pinpoint incongruities in the marketplace where our capital can generate the greatest returns. It’s how we de-risk our capital through diligence, research, and great deal structures, and why our investments to date have yielded historically superior returns. It’s why we practice real private equity to create the ultimate deal alignment, risking our own capital so we have significant skin in the game right alongside our investors.

The Kiddar Way is how we work. Over the next few weeks, walk The Kiddar Way as we explore how these nine principles shape who we are and what we do every day.

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