The Kiddar Way: Originality

We’re always searching for new solutions.

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Construction is one of the largest industries in the world. It’s also one of the most inefficient: construction jobs typically take 20% longer to finish than scheduled, and cost up to 80% over the original budget.

Technology can solve a lot of these issues, but prior to 2015, rarely attracted venture capital or broad industry interest.

Over a decade ago, Kiddar Capital founder and CEO Todd Hitt was looking for a digital construction management software. That search led him to invest in Procore, which is now one of the most widely used construction management platforms in the world.

Via CB Insights.

The greater part of our venture portfolio at Kiddar Capital is made up of built world technology investments modernizing the world’s most fundamental built world industries: construction, real estate, logistics, and automation.

The following are a few of our portfolio companies.

  • Rhumbix eliminates punchcards and collects field data to keep construction projects on track, increasing profits by 2–3x.
  • BuildingConnected digitizes and streamlines the construction bid management process. Kanler uses technology to make the homebuilding and renovation process as seamless as a smartphone app.
  • CargoSense uses machine intelligence to manage logistics and slash shipping costs.
  • Aquicore’s powerful platform collects and analyzes real-time utilities data to make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

These companies are more than just businesses. They represent an ongoing transformation across multiple interconnected industries, from construction and real estate through insurance, finance, logistics, automation, and more. Developed real estate makes up 60% of the total mainstream assets in the world, and any technology that can impact even a percentage of that market is looking at a huge opportunity.

“It’s not rocket science. It’s what we see every day. When we’re in something and we know there’s a problem and we see a technology that fixes that issue, we invest. That gets us ahead of the curve.” — Todd Hitt

Our unique position and perspective in real estate and construction at Kiddar Capital allows us to invest in tech solutions ahead of the curve. We have a large real estate portfolio and a relationship with a big construction firm. We know what it’s like to finance a construction project, zone a piece of land, own something for 50 years and then demolish it to build something new.

We live and breathe the same industries we are working to innovate, and we spend every day searching for new and original solutions in these markets. That’s The Kiddar Way.

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