All Kinds of Love From 15 of your Podcasting Friends at Kids Listen

Candy Hearts, Roses, Cards, and Teddy Bears. Those are some of the symbols of love that we associate with Valentines Day. However, your friends at Kids Listen all have different takes on what the Love holiday is all about. Your friendly neighborhood Kids Podcasters are showcasing #allkindsoflove this Valentines season. Many of your favorite podcasts have episodes that will help to expand the definition of what this time of year means!

Story Spectacular -Dive In: It’s summertime on the ocean floor. Time for all the local sea creatures to party at the undersea festival. A shy little lobster named Scamp isn’t sure if he wants to join in on the fun. Perhaps a sweet little scallop named Suzie will help Scamp come out of his shell! Then Tilde the Tortoise will swing by and tell us some fun facts about lobsters

What if World — Episode 64 — What if pictures that you’ve taken in the past turned into movies when you looked at them?

It’s Movietines Day and Alabaster Zero didn’t get a single card from his friends, not that the hard-nosed cop wanted mushy cards… At any rate, he’s determined to solve the mystery of the missing cards with his partner Fair Elise. Can you figure out the twist?

Lessons include: you should tell your friends and family how you feel about them, and maybe show them with a nice gesture now and then!

April Eight Songs and Stories

Story Two of my “Two Sisters and the Wolf” original fairytale: “On their way through the snowy mountains of Way Over There, two sisters and their wolf encounter a magical creature who needs their help. But to step off the High Road to his aid means breaking the rules of the fearsome Giant King. What will they do?”

The second episode will be a Song called “Sarah Shining” that I wrote for one of my 6 year old listeners who was sick on her birthday. “There’s nothing more that the world could ask for than the wonderful girl that is you, shining through.”

Buttons and Fig — Are you silly like a Button and nonsensical like a Fig? On this episode Buttons & Figs is going to sail in a sieve to the land of love similies or would that be simile love?! On this special Valentine’s Day episode #AllKindsofLove are expressed in simile form. Using the book “I Love You Like a Pig” by Mac Barnett we share ways to play with love similies. Join the kids in Mr. Smith’s 1st Grade class at Givins Shaw Public School in Toronto, Ontario to hear the fun ways they played with love likes or would that be like loves?

Book Club for Kids — This week, a Valentines Day episode of the Book Club for Kids podcast where kids in Virginia discuss the documentary novel LOVING VS VIRGINIA by Patricia Hruby Powell. Imagine a world where you could be arrested for marrying someone you love. It happened in Virginia, a case that was taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

Book Power for Kids — Cat and Mouse are best friends, they do everything together! But when Cat gets a new cookbook she realizes that Mouse could be the most delicious meal in the world! Will love triumph over hunger?

Mirabel, age 5, reviews Cat & Mouse — A Delicious Tale by Jiwon Oh.

Ear Snacks — Happy Valentine’s Day! Next week, we’ll be celebrating by releasing a new song — but this week you can hear some of our favorite Ear Snacks segments about all kinds of love.

So… what do you love? Let us know! Connect with us at, on Instagram, Facebook &Twitter! PS — If you like the song “Please Be Mine,” check out this sweet music video Polly made of animals who love each other.

ImagiNate — Episode 5 — “Robotics”

During Nate’s career fair at school, he attempts to talk to his 6th grade crush, the most beautiful girl in school with hair as shiny as candy (don’t worry, he does NOT try to eat it). It doesn’t go so well. A robotics booth ignites Nate’s next creation.

Cozy Corner Podcast — Sanctuary Surprise

Sanctuary Surprise! The dragon meets a new friend in the animal sanctuary that has a long neck like the dragon. The dragon wants to belong to a group. All the animals give the dragon a hug making the dragon feel like part of their families.

Sparkle Stories

Cupid’s little brother! When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of Cupid — the magical little cherub shooting arrows of love to unsuspecting youths. But did you know he had a little brother named Eris? Like most brothers, Cupid and Eris have some things in common and some things that are very different from each other. This story is about how one of those differences changed the course of “love” forever.

Good Stuff Kids

Do you love what you do? Alex ‘The Zaniac’ Zerbe does! He’s a family friendly comedian who also juggles and happens to be a world record hackey sack-er. There’s also a “Love” themed 4+1 just in time for valentines day. You should also follow the hashtag #allkindsoflove brought to you by many of your friends at Kids Listen. All kinds of different takes on the theme of Love from some of your favorite kid and family friendly podcasts! Be sure to check out Book Power for Kids, Book Club for Kids, and the Cozy Corner Podcast.

Brains On

Meet Sandy the left handed mutant snail! Sandy is a mutant snail whose shell coils to the left instead of the right. For humans, being left-handed or right-handed can definitely affect the way we experience life. Usually, that mismatch is just a minor nuisance — but sometimes, sidedness can change the future of an entire species, as is the case for Sandy.

Chloe’s Friendship Circle

Chloe’s Friendship Circle is 50 episodes old today! She celebrates turning 50 with 3 special Valentine’s Day crafts, the history of Valentine’s Day, and messages from two of her biggest fans (her parents)! She also talks about her new podcast pals a the Imaginate Series Podcast! Download the Kids Listen App for all of the best podcasts for kids! Special thanks to The Good Stuff Kids Podcast for the shoutout this week!

Little Stories for Tiny People

Little Hedgehog is back, radiating love and friendship, for a special Valentines Day Episode.

Girl Tales

Snow White is a girl who likes girls, wearing suit jackets, and math. But Queenie, the Enchanted Forest Academy bully makes fun of all these things! Snow uses her magic mirror to travel through time to find out just how special she is.