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Be Calm On Ahway Island: The Podcast That Puts Your Kid To Sleep

As any parent knows, getting plenty of sleep is crucial to a child’s well-being, not to mention a parent’s sanity. However, getting a child to drift peacefully into dreamland when they are supposed to be sleeping can often be a challenge. Lucky for today’s busy families, Be Calm On Ahway Island podcast provides bi-weekly relaxation stories for kids to listen to before falling asleep. In this podcast kids are guided on soothing adventures and taught self-soothing techniques.

The Ahway Island Team started this podcast, because they wanted to help kids with bedtime, naptime, or general ‘relax time’ routines. Now Be Calm on Ahway Island Podcast has evolved to incorporate moments of positivity, acceptance, and mindfulness during each soothing story.

Listening to Be Calm on Ahway Island is truly a relaxing experience for young children. In each episode kids are instructed to dim or turn off their lights and gather a favorite blanket or listening buddy. They are then guided through calming dragon breaths. One listener described this podcast as “awesome bedtime meditations and calming short stories for kids and even adults. This is a perfect addition to a nighttime routine for high-strung kids.”

Looking for a specific episode to start with? The Ahway Island Team suggests listening to “Magical Chair” which is found both on the website and on Ahway Island Youtube Channel. This episode centers around a wheelchair’s view of a new park that makes room for him. It illustrates acceptance of disabilities, handling changes, emotional regulation, and compassion — all fantastic and important themes for young children.

If you have a child who struggles with falling asleep, taking naps, or even calming down, you can check out Be Calm On Ahway Island here. This tool could definitely help your child get back into a healthy routine.

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Marjorie Stordeur

Marjorie Stordeur


Creator of Best Day Yet: Affirmations For Kids, elementary librarian in Green Bay, WI, author, yogi, and mother.