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Celebrate Pride!

Here’s a loving list of great episodes for kids and families to celebrate #pride2021!

Start With Some Fun Music!

Noodle Loaf

It’s an encore airing of a fan-favorite episode with a bonus segment about rainbows. Rainbows? Yup! Rainbows for Pride month as part of the Kids Listen Pride week! This episode also features our ode to diverse families called “A Family Can Be” AND has a guest appearance by Adam from Guster. Guster? Yup! Guster! So spread the love and noodle your loaf along with us. A Family Can (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Trivia: Instrument or Animal w/Adam Gardner (Music Appreciation) ✪ Clap It Back — Put A Little Rainbow (Rhythm Awareness)✪ You Make The Story (Improvisation) ✪

Then Some Cooking…

Mystery Recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Kids

The team at America’s Test Kitchen Kids is filled with Pride and celebrating their Season 2 intern, Parker the Pot Holder! Parker is a pot holder who uses they/them pronouns, loves dance parties, and hopes to one day open their own diner. In this Season Two premiere, they discuss what it means to be non-binary and what pronouns are. Over the course of their second season, ATK Kids touch on subjects like what to do if you misgender someone, and learning to celebrate and be proud of the things that make us different. You can listen to the Season Two premiere and Parkers introduction here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Representation in the News

Little News Ears

From Little News Ears. It’s April 22, 2021. Quinn ‘kidifies’ headlines related to the LGBTQ+ community, including about Bethany Christian Services, gay marriage decisions in Japan and the Catholic Church, transgender medical services in Arkansas, and British transgender comedians standing up for transgender rights.

The Ten News

🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate Pride month with these epic emoji masters! 📣 Who was Harvey Milk? 👏 Learn about activism past and present with special guest 16-year-old Ewan Barker Plummer. ✅ Test your flag knowledge in today’s Trivia on the Ten! 🧐

Representation in Storytelling

Girl Tales

Girl Tales is a podcast featuring reimagined fairytales. Damsels in distress? Princesses in need of protection? You won’t find those here. The girls in our stories take control of their own destinies, turning your favorite fairytales into exciting new adventures. With energetic voice actors and professional sound design, these audio plays burst to life at the touch of a button.

Mic Drop from the TRAX Network

Melissa confronts homophobia at school” — Parts 1 and 2. In honour of LGBT Pride Month, Mic Drop offers Part 1 and Part 2 spanning two years in Melissa’s life as she comes out to her friends, her friends’ parents, and her schoolmates. In Part 1, Melissa describes the difficulties she encounters.
In this special Mic Drop episode in celebration of Pride month, Melissa gives Mic Drop creator Shari Okeke an update on what life has been like since standing up for herself. New school, new friends, new attitude. Think of it as a glimpse of life from the flip side of a difficult time.

Melissa Pt1: Melissa confronts homophobia in her private high school.

Melissa Pt 2: Melissa gives us a 2-yr update on what has changed in her life since confronting homophobia

The Imagine Neighborhood

The Imagine Neighborhood’s character Doc Apoc has two dads, and she is featured in two episodes here. Bonus, the first episode was produced in partnership with Common Sense Media and their easy-to-use digital literacy curriculum. Click here to check it out!

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland

This podcast, written and produced by this post’s author and her now 7-year-old son is a fantasy serial fiction epic about magical, super-powered dogs. If you’ve ever wished you could listen to fiction with broader representation that includes nonbinary characters, respectful pronouns, and characters that just happen to have two moms, then our show is for you! We will also be adding more discussions about preferred pronouns and descriptive terms, like “nibling,” in our upcoming season 2.

Thank you for celebrating love with us!



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