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Unity Game Complete Tutorial —Step-by-Step— Episode #00

In your opinion, which is the best Attacker Aircraft, Guerrilla Combat, and has the Greatest Advantage on the Battlefield?

I really like both, but something about the Tucano that makes me prefer it!

Super Tucano. CAS? A bit unfair, but for low cost and ease of access, the Tucano wins. For contested environments-in which the A-10 would usually not enter if I’m right-the Hawg. Greatest advantage? Again, it depends on what the battlefield looks like. If it’s a small and high chance of danger close, then the ST.

Hi, this is the first tutorial for another game in Unity: Welcome!

Fighting against Drug Dealers!


In a border protection mission in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, fearless Brazilian professional Pilots set out to capture the Hawg used to smuggle drugs through the largest river basin in the world: Amazonia, now Ittttt’sss timmmme!


Post # 01 —Preparing Scenario — Unity Game 1

Post # 02 —Lighting System & More — Unity Game 2

Post # 03 — Running Everything — Unity Game 3

Download Images/Scripts from MyGoogleDrive now!

References & Credits

Space Shooter tutorial

Unity version 2017.3.1f1

Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance by

Say yes to yourself, and continue doing so in-spite of seemingly impossible odds.




Get children evolving with Arduino, Rpi & PIC using MIT App Inventor 2 & Lego.

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