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Lego Maze Solving Tribot v1.0

Lego Solution Right-Wall-Follower-Robot — Episode #08

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Here are some Tips'N Tricks:. Give Tribot v 1.0 enough room to turn when it gets to a corner;. Make use extensively of EV3’s Port View;. Slowing the Tribot v 1.0 down should help a lot;. If Tribot v 1.0 backs up or spins a little too far try few values for distance and rotations;. Before moving on to the next section of the program, retest the code from earlier to make sure it still works as expected;. When IR Sensor faces an opening, it will suddenly read a much greater distance than it did when following the wall; spent some time tinkering with this value; even the presence of your body is influential for this settings; mark the distance at a point of 90º's corner;. When you're done testing, you can use Sound Blocks for debugging; but be sure to test the program again after removing them to make sure that it still works;. When you are sure that the program fulfills its requirements, see how it works in other situations; For example, adjust the spacing of the walls (make corridors narrower or wider) to see how that influences the Tribot v 1.0’s behavior;. You can also try some curved or slanted walls to see how the Tribot v 1.0 responds; even though the program wasn't designed to handle these situations, it might work just fine; if not, think about how you might adjust the program to make it more versatile ;) 

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Connecting the IR sensor on the side of the Tribot v1.0



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