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How To Involve your Kids In This Internet Era — FreeThinkingSeries — Episode#00

Here are amenities, for parents, who like me, are concerned about the future of our children, facing the internet today.

My youngest son, 12, is currently playing video games :/.
However, I also challenged him to program the game itself. Active and not passive consumer.

Better, Video Game Producer!
OK. Fine!

I played with unity3d a while ago and made the recommendation.
But his choice was unreal.
Why this app? I asked:

Well, he answered, simply by programming on nodes.

That’s fine too! Let’s get it on!

It so happens that, pari passu, I’m studying the mechanics of materials at college.

Thing like physics, stress, strain, torsion, torque, equilibrium of beams, combined loads, vectors forces, and so on…Urgh!

I need help, I thought…

I searched for current solutions, software, or online sites.
I found several…

But, in short, this software is a blockbuster: Rhino.
It’s for really professional engineers!

I downloaded the shareware version (from now on I have 90 days to play with the beast).

But I have to program in nodes (blueprints, in gamers’ lingo)…I don’t like it and I think it’s polluted…but my son likes it…

I challenged him, once again, yesterday morning, to solve some questions in my 3d college test in Blender or Geogebra or Online calculator resultant force. Maybe better, on Rhino!

It happened!

As he already codes in nodes in unreal, guess what, as Rhino also does calculations with vectors in nodes It really comes in handy…

I had the idea of ​​calling him to help me, knowing that for him nodes is not seen as something very difficult (as it is in my head)…

And it worked! And He is like a Glove, and I am the hand, you know…

Yesterday, we did some tests with vectors, adding them and sending some advanced cross-product and dot-product functions…all in the graphics. Right away in front of us, in our screen canvas! Beautifully!


He even told me that if I needed it he could help more because he found the subject and the real-life application of software very interesting…and he ended up discovering, he and I, that trying to learn our issues in an app is science too!

Just fine!

The solution is out there: the theory becomes much more appealing to young people, and also to old people (who will soon forget about the theory lol), than a book downloaded in pdf, last edition, from the top of the top actors in the matter, available a lot on the internet, downloaded but never read, right? (The truth is that excess choice is the same as misinformation:/.

Making things happen, in fact, things become more real, and they can be more interesting!

Come on, I confess, one month from now without seeing the mechanical resistance matter again, I’ve already forgotten everything…

But doing the simulation in the app, things last… the interest lasts, that’s what matters!

First, because it’s really interesting for you to see the figure right in front of you, showing the calculation applied to the forces and the result, all cute.

Second, you see that you can go further… Thinking about the matter more pragmatically. Multiplex it into channels! Enthusiastically synergizing our intelligence and researching and applying more! giving a continuous upgrade in our minds!

At the end of the day, becoming a Problem Solver (the market needs it), and that’s what we have to become…with which tool? with which you produce more! to which you have access and more affinity.

There are several solutions to the same problem! Thanks, God…

In summary, Nodes is a form that is becoming popular in coding among young people.

In other words, the future of programming goes through nodes.


Image from this link
What is the Difference Between CAD and CAE?CAD is for designing a product and CAE is for testing and simulating it.Blender is a CAD;SolidWorks or Rhino are CAE :>)Do you Agreed?




Get children evolving with Arduino, Rpi & PIC using MIT App Inventor 2 & Lego.

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