Park Assist I w/ MIT App Inventor 2

Bluetooth + Arduino + MIT App + HC-SR04 Sonar — kidSerie#09

Is not your father a sheer driver? Good, you can help him! This is the parking assist system!

With it you’ll see your father maneuvering the family vehicle in the world’s tightest garages! Like in the mall and wherever…

The rear parking assist system assists the driver during backward movement of the vehicle by chiming if any object is sensed within a distance of 5 cm behind the vehicle.

How it works?

Let me show the steps:

1 — Mount the breadboard (BOM);

2 — Upload Arduino code (git repo);

3 — Upload .apk to your android; refers to Download link below (note it is a #arduSerie 32 files);

4 —See this video about MIT App Inventor 2 and…

5 — Calculate the critical area behind your dad’s vehicle and, precisely, Have fun!

This is the Designer for your App:

And this is the Blocks diagram:

Know that it is a supplemental system and it is not intended to nor does it replace the need for extreme care and attention of the driver.

The sensing range and objects detectable by the back sensors are limited. 
Whenever backing-up, pay as much attention to what is behind you 
as you would in a vehicle without a rear parking assist system.

This is the video in my apartment garage testing:

As for the code for the Arduino, please refer to this post.

So this is it! In the next post, We will return to the implementation of our videos on proteus, this time we will work with the electronic board.
So till then, catch up with me by posting your comments in my youtube channel!

And don’t forget to thumbs it up;-)Enjoy!

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Credits & References

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Park Assist I Prototype v1.0
Car Installation Test I
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