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We are on VS Code Store!

We are happy to announce that our DMN, BPMN and Scenario Simulation editors extensions are now available at the VS Code Store!

Finding our extensions in the VSCode store using the browser

Last month, the VS Code team released their custom editor as an official API, and we were finally able to publish our tools on VS Code Store.

Finding our extensions in the VSCode store inside VSCode

Kogito and Business Automation Bundle

We have now four published artifacts on the store:

At Red Hat store:

At KIE store:

  • Kogito Bundle: an extension that groups all our extensions for Kogito.

At this point, the bundles are just pointers to our extensions, this means that every time that you download our bundle, in fact, you are also downloading DMN and BPMN editors extensions. In the future, this bundle could potentially contain improved features, stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone involved!

I want to thank everyone involved with this release, from the awesome KIE Tooling Team Engineers to the lifesavers QEs and the UX people that help us look awesome!




Tooling Team from

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