Welcome to Big Sur, some of the most picturesque parts of America. After seeing some of the things I’ve seen I have zero regrets about hiring a campervan for this part of my trip. There is nothing quite like driving up the coast with huge cliffs of the santa lucia mountains on your right and the pacific ocean on your left… with dolphins and whales in sight!

As you can probably imagine, I pulled over and soaked in the scenery over and over again. There is something truly magical about seeing whales breach the surface. They have this size and grace about them that compares to nothing else on this planet. I dont think I managed to capture any footage but I’ll never forget it!

If thats not enough, between my boon-docking adventures I came across a few other incredible places. Two of the most memorable are pictured below — namely McWay Falls (a beautiful bay with a waterfall flowing in to it) and McWay Canyon (just inland with beautiful redwoods and a creek).


I found loads of other amazing places and have lots of video footage of this amazing drive but for now, the adventure continues…

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