Why We Should Shape Change Makers

— Martha B. Mwiza

As a student leader I often faced a number of challenges and in many cases I didn’t know know the best way to deal with them or overcome them. I am sure there are many other young people just like me that have been placed in positions of leadership based on our potential. Unfortunately very little has been done to prepare them for the challenges to come or at the very least inform them of what is required of them. Very often, we adapt, learn on the job or give up in frustration.

Some say leaders are born but I don’t agree with that entirely. Yes, there are individuals that can lead very easily than others but that doesn’t mean there is no room to learn. Leadership is a skill that needs to be improved as one goes along. Most leaders don’t get this opportunity.

The Huye global shapers hub was started in Huye district in 2015 by the Kigali global shapers hub and has since then done different events that have encouraged exposure and dialogue. Most recently, we conducted a leadership training for the students leading the different associations on campus. It was during this event that we discovered the dire need for leadership trainings for student leaders. The hunger for wisdom, the need to learn showed how eager these young people were to grow their skills as leaders.

Which is why we decided to devote the association to training student Leaders. Why? Because we believe that there is an information and knowledge gap for student leaders. Our solution to this is the “Shaping change-makers” initiative. Through this initiative, we will equip young leaders with information helpful to them and eventually those they lead. This will include but will not be limited to; leadership values, reading culture and exposure.

With this platform we believe these young people will be able to share with fellow leaders through peer mentorship programs on the challenges they incur and learn from one another. Not only that, the Shaping Change-makers initiative is in partnership with the Kigali global shapers hub thereby giving these young people access to some of Rwanda’s most exceptional minds.

As a leader, being able to have a network of fellow young leaders helped propel me Forward and equip me to do better, I believe this program will truly make a difference in the lives of these young people.

One last but very important detail, We are recruiting a new team and soon will hit the ground running. If you want to be apart of this amazing journey, send your application on the link at the bottom. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Deadline is 10/04/17

*Applicants should be based in Huye for easy access to the program.


Originally published at by Martha Mwiza on April 5, 2017.