Entrepreneurship, love and money

At Kigg we are entrepreneurs. Yes, as simple as it sounds. In these times when the word is misused, devoid of its meaning and orphan of any marketing that would make it look cooler, we’re still proud to claim our entrepreneurial spirit. Why? Shouldn’t we be looking for some new cool word to describe ourselves, fusing a bunch of modern bullshit business terms to show that we know better than the rest? No. We are entrepreneurs. Tech entrepreneurs to be more precise.

Oxford English dictionary defines entrepreneur as “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”. I think that this definition no longer captures what it means to be a tech entrepreneur today. It’s not just about money anymore. It’s not only about capturing new business opportunities. I believe it is much more about learning, enjoying and demanding the best of oneself while trying to make an impact on the world.

The team behind Kigg has been building new technology ventures for more than twenty years. In my case, Kigg is my third venture. I started fifteen years ago at GridSystems — founded by one of my teammates at Kigg — where we built middleware for enterprise distributed computing, before anyone had heard of cloud, map reduce or virtual machines. Three years ago, I started Novelti, a machine learning company that used IoT data to solve industrial problems such as predictive maintenance, asset performance optimization and product quality in real-time.

Our cofounders have been in this business longer than me. In the nineties, they started and ran the biggest video games company in Spain (do you remember PC Futbol?). Then they used their experience and scientific background to build a software company for complex risk management, which ended up becoming the technology branch of a very successful financial advisory firm. In fact, most members of the Kigg team have been taking risks in their past projects; they have built sophisticated IT infrastructures for large companies, and designed new products such as the most popular video streaming service in Spain.

During these years we all have learnt a lot. Sometimes, we learnt because we failed, and we realized that success is part of the failing process, or, if you prefer, that failure is part of every important achievement. And we became aware that things go well because of our passion and pursuit of excellence. In other words, it’s all about love. Love for the project we are building, love for the challenges and, most important of all, love for those who we are trying to serve and satisfy with our new product.

Now we are launching Kigg to provide this entrepreneurial spirit, methodology and attitude to our customers, so they in turn can provide the best digital products to their users and clients in the years to come.

A final word about money. As the definition states, an entrepreneur takes risks to make money. That is what our customers do, and so do we. That is business. We are in business.