Top 7 Gift Card Exchange Sites Compared

The good news is: gift cards are easy to buy. The bad: once they end up in your bedside drawer or your wallet, likely you will never use them. If this happened to you in the past , relax, you are not alone:

Rather than make the gift card expiring or force unneeded purchases, you can sell it online. Gift card exchange websites take unwanted cards and, in turn, they give you money back to use as you please.

That said, finding the right avenue for your gift cards requires some research. To help you choose the best option, in the cheat sheet below we objectively analyzed the six leading gift card exchange websites in the US and the leading Canadian provider.


To gather the data we read the websites’ FAQs, we requested a quote from each site based on a $50 retail card, and we gathered traffic data come from third party websites like Ahrefs and SimilarWeb. The gift card exchange sites had no input or influence in building this cheat sheet.

General recommendations.

Most of the companies analyzed offer similar services and same money-back amounts, but they differ significantly in policies and features. The buying and selling options are what set one site apart from another. The best gift card exchanges offer free shipping, reimburse you quickly and have 24 hours chat-like customer service. Click below to see the full comparative table:

Click here for the Ultimate Gift Cards Exchange Sites comparison

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