Scattered, Shattered

Interior of Seagull Garrett hostel, Riga, Latvia

I am travelling. While I enjoy meeting some people on the road, I thought I was the only one who found all the goodbyes starting to have too strong an effect, until an old Swiss German friend I have met a second time told me that for him, too, the balance was going the wrong way: the goodbyes were heavier than the pleasure and nice times when groups form in gloriously ad-hoc ways around tables and kitchen stoves.

I have such fond memories of Donna from Hong Kong, Abbey, an airline hostess from Hong Kong too, working for Finnair, of three solitary female Spanish travellers who also play rugby, of each of the five Japanese voyagers I have met up with, each the start of a deep friendship, interrupted, of Justine, from Taiwan, who is cycling around the world, an amazing woman, and the two Kazakh women I just met, whom I recognised as Kazakh immediately, which made me somewhat proud.

But I miss these friends. I agree with Martin. The pain wins. Too many goodbyes.

spring breeze
 -scattered cherry blossoms 
 softly unseen again

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